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Who Owns Clickfunnels (Bonus Content Included)

photo of Russell Brunson

The Owner, and co-founder of ClickFunnels is successful entrepreneur and salesman Russell Brunson.

Brunson is a born salesman, who started his first business when he was a college wrestler. Within the first year of opening his first business, Brunson was able to sell a staggering $1 million in products.

Brunson then went on to create several other businesses, and ended up creating his most successful company to date, ClickFunnels.

Estimates of his net worth vary, but his primary product, ClickFunnels is known to bring in over $100 million per year, and was last valued at approximately $360 million dollars.

Brunson is currently 39 years old (December 24, 1980)

So What Exactly Is ClickFunnels?


In Short, ClickFunnels is the most comprehensive and effective funnel building and online marketing tool available.

As previously stated, ClickFunnels is believed to make in excess of $100 million per year, and has sold nearly $5 billion dollars in product. It has an estimated value of $360 million.

Should You Use ClickFunnels?

Let's be honest, we are getting into the 2020's, and a good sales funnel is no longer an option if you want to create a profitable business.

With that being said, there are a ton of decent funnel builders out there on the market.

Sales softwares such as Hubspot, Getresponse, and Infusionsoft headline this list.

And if you are interested I do recommend that you check some of these out, and compare their services to those found on ClickFunnels.

And so what makes ClickFunnels so great?


There is no other sales software available today that combines a great drag and drop funnel/webpage creator, a great email marketing service, and seamless integration with services from other companies with the reliability and simplicity that ClickFunnels does.

ClickFunnels simply destroys the competition, and this is why it has well in excess of 100,000 active members.

And it should....

After all, it was created by one of the greatest internet marketers and salesmen that this planet has ever seen.

Don't believe me?

Look up a Russell Brunson interview, or sales video on youtube. The man could literally sell sand to an Egyptian ;)

And if you decide to try ClickFunnels (Which has a free 14 day trial), Russel does his best to impart his entrepreneurial success onto you through his hours of courses, libraries of free funnels, and extremely well built software.

The man makes his living selling products to salesmen, and he's killing it!

Russell Brunson with a unique drawing

How To Get ClickFunnels (And Incredible Bonus Offers)

For a limited time, when you signup for a free 14 day ClickFunnels account, I will be giving you a host of free content that will boost your funnels to the next level, and get you started making money as soon as possible.

ClickFunnels Bonus #1: Free Email Mentorship For Life

If you sign up for a ClickFunnels account using the links on this site, I will personally help you with any issues that you might be having with your ClickFunnels account as well as any questions that you might have.

my free email mentorship

ClickFunnels Bonus #2: Free Funnel Suite

When you signup to ClickFunnels using the links on this page, you get access to a massive library of funnels created by such successful entrepreneurs as Grant Cardone, Gary V., and the man himself Russell Brunson.

this is the Clickfunnels free funnel suite

ClickFunnels Bonus #3: High Converting Email Collection Funnel

You can get access to this email collection funnel that has been proven to get 60%+ conversions (Emails) when used with warm traffic, and extremely high conversion rates even with cold traffic.

My high converting email collection funnel

ClickFunnels Bonus #4: Free Affiliate marketing Course

I will be giving you my step-by-step affiliate course that teaches you how to get started affiliate marketing in just a few minutes.

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