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What Is Clickfunnels Actionetics?

Are you wondering what Clickfunnels Actionetics is, and how it can help you and your business?

Well, in recent years, there has been a major trend towards visual ads, whether they be in the form of videos, or images.

And while these visual ads do doubtlessly work quite well when set up the right way, many companies have moved so far into vivid visual advertising that they have forgotten the older, but still highly profitable and essential art of email marketing.

What is CLickfunnels?

this image shows clickfunnels

To explain what Actionetics is, you first must understand what Clickfunnels is and how it can help you grow your business

Clickfunnels is an all in one software that allows you to build funnels, create websites, create email marketing campaigns, and track advertisements as well as a host of other features that are essential to growing any online business.

It is the only software that can truly be called an all in one funnel building, online marketing service, and as such, it is used by some of the biggest, most successful entrepreneurs alive today ( Think Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, and of course, its founder, Russell Brunson).

So What Exactly Is Actionetics?

Actionetics is the marketing automation platform of ClickFunnels which seamlessly integrates with your existing sales funnels and works as a sort of AI to direct and remarket to those who enter your sales funnel.

It keeps track of what your customers or website visitors are doing as they use your website or funnel, and then uses these actions to determine where to send the customer as well as how to target them within your email campaign.

It can be extremely helpful to those who are trying to upsell additional offers, or build up their email list because it helps you customize each customer's experience. This is why I consider Clickfunnels to genuinely be one of the best softwares on the market because it both allows for custom integration as well as being the only true all in one software available.

So What Can Actionetics Do For You?

Well, quite simply, Actionetics allows you to get a seamless integration between your marketing tools and your funnels.

It also saves you from having to subscribe to another email automation service because it allows you to build email lists and automate them within the Clickfunnels interface itself. This means that there is no need for you to go out and transfer captured emails over to another software, and you don't have to pay for a separate email automation software which can often cost as much as Clickfunnels itself.

Since Actionetics is part of the Clickfunnels interface, and works seamlessly with Clickfunnels, it is also a huge time saver as it eliminates the need to integrate outside tools into the Clickfunnels interface.

This also minimizes the chances for malfunctions caused by different softwares being forced to work together, and since it is all meshed into one software, customer service is also much simpler and finding any problems within the software is much easier should any occur.

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

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If email marketing is done the right way, it can be one of the most profitable marketing methods available. Especially if it is combined with a smart software like Actionetics.

This is because once you get someone's email address, you no longer have to pay to have access to that individual. This allows you to build yourself up as a knowledgeable figure to these individuals which will in turn make them more likely to buy from you.

And as I said, Actionetics can be extremely helpful with targeting customers to get the most email leads possible. This is especially true when you send a visitor through a custom Clickfunnels funnel, and sell them on the offer that you are promoting.

Want to try Actionetics out for yourself?

Because if you sign up today, I have a series of free bonuses that will get you up and running with Clickfunnels right away, and help you start making $ ASAP!

You will also be getting a free 14 day trial when you sign up that you can cancel anytime.

Bonus Offers:

Bonus #1 Free Clickfunnels Mentorship

Get free 24/7 lifetime mentorship from me on anything Clickfunnels related. Any questions about how to optimize your funnel, or just want another opinion? I will be more than happy to help

this image shows my clickfunnels mentorship program

Bonus #2 Free Funnel Suite

You will get access to a free suite of funnels created by the likes of Russel Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone. With hundreds of funnels, you will always be able to find one that fits your needs!

this image shows the clickfunnels free funnel suite

Bonus #3: Free Converting Lead Generation Funnel

You will also be getting my free converting lead generating funnel that has been proven to convert on over 60% of people who are sent through it.

this image shows my free converting clickfunnels funnel

Bonus #4: My Free Affiliate Course

You will also get access to my free affiliate course showing you proven techniques that will get you started making money ASAP! Learn how to start your own online business in under an hour.

this image shows my free clickbank affiliate course and my free clickfunnels affiliate course

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