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What Is Clickfunnels (And Bonuses To Get You Started

What is clickfunnels?

Do you feel like wasting hours on marketing?

It may have happened to you. You come up with this business idea. You work hard to create a brilliant product. But then you get caught on your sales plan.

Something is not right.

Timeframes expand. Tasks take way longer than you expected, and there's no guarantee it will work. Here is the problem.

People cannot buy if they cannot find your product in the first place.

From payment processes to design, marketers struggle for weeks to craft their sales funnels.

Do you think marketing consumes more time and money than it should?

Entrepreneurs feel this every day. 90% of businesses fail after a few years because of lack of capital.

What if you could make a funnel 10X faster, cheaper, and with no skills?

That's right. With ClickFunnels, you can make it with no designers, no coders, and no money.

What Is ClickFunnels?

Without a client, a business is an expensive hobby. Plus, ideas fall apart quickly when not taking action immediately. ClickFunnels will reduce the gap between your idea and your first client.

Thousands of brands have made millions since they launched in 2014. ClickFunnels is for those who want to share amazing services to the world and need an extra boost. It's a complete software that will potentially multiply your revenue. Pages using ClickFunnels have higher impressions, clicks, and conversions.

What Makes ClickFunnels Different

Russell Brunson

ClickFunnels combines the features of website and funnel builders. That includes landing pages, opt-ins, shopping carts, merchant accounts, and email sequences. Not even mentioning the personal apps you can integrate.

All you will need is the ClickFunnels drag&drop tool, and your website will be ready to launch within ten minutes!

Here's the proof that anybody can do it. Watch how Grant Cardone built his 10X-Rule funnel on his jet trip to Miami. You won't believe the experience.

ClickFunnels: How To Make Money With No Money

As you browse on the ClickFunnels landing page, you may have looked at their pricing. Although It's not the cheapest thing in the world, there are ways to use it for free.

Is it the real deal? Here is a challenge to show it. Take a look at the ClickFunnels Free Trial. You will have 14 days to make the most out of the funnel builder.

Now, sales funnels work 24/7, without ever resting. If you have a product and an audience, they can make money while you sleep. Chances are it will pay off before the trial even ends.

But what if I cannot make the sales by that time?

ClickFunnels has got your back. You can cancel before the free trial ends without paying a dime. Also, you can export your work before leaving the account if this isn't for you. You save your email list in CSV files and your pages in Html.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Here is another way to get it for Free. You can join their affiliate program and get passive income as people join the club.

Imagine building your business while your affiliate sales pay off your subscription each month.

Today, people cannot afford not to use ClickFunnels. Prior to it, nobody could make a website due to its complexity.

Now, it's the only option marketers have. You can barely find any sales pitch that doesn't use this software. Here is the tool that caused the boom of digital marketing in 2014.

And if you use the link on this website, I have built a unique set of bonuses that will massively boost you in your Clickfunnels Journey.


Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free 24/7 Personal Support

When you use the link in this website to sign up for clickfunnels, I will be giving you free 24/7 email support, and will be more than happy to assist you as you start building your own email funnels.

Clickfinnels Bonus Email Support

Clickfunnels Bonus #2: Free Funnel Suite

Get access to the best collection of pre-made funnels ever built. There are literally hundreds of options, as well as hundreds of paid options.

You will always be able to find a funnel to fit your needs with this great feature.

Clickfunnels Bonus #3: High Converting Collection Funnel

For a limited time, I will also be giving away this amazing email collection funnel which has been proven to collect the emails of 60% of the people that enter the funnel.

Clickfunnels free converting funnel

Clickfunnels Bonus #4: My Affiliate Course

Want to learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business? My free course will get you started with everything you need to know in a step by step training.

Clickfunnels free affiliate training

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