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What is a Funnel Builder

What is a funnel builder and why do you need one

This image shows a funnel builder

What is a funnel?

Before you can understand what a funnel builder is and what it is designed to do, you must first understand exactly what a funnel is.

A funnel is a series of webpages otherwise known as funnel steps that are designed to both help you capture leads (Get people's email addresses and other information), and sell your products.

If you want to understand how a funnel should be set up, you can visit this article that I just wrote detailing how to set up a funnel for the best possible results.

Self promotion aside, funnels can be extremely helpful tools as they allow you to get valuable information from your customers that you can later use to retarget those customers without having to spend extra money on additional marketing expenses.

You can also use the information that you gather from your customers to advertise other offers later on, and make a high percentage of profit since advertising via email autoresponder can be extremely inexpensive.

They also allow you to build percieved authority with potential customers as well as providing an additional space for you to add sales copy that will help you to sell your product later on

Basically, a funnel can be the most valuable tool in a businesses arsenal if it is built well.

All that aside, we must return to the question

what is a funnel builder?

A funnel builder is a piece of software that is designed to allow you to build funnels. Simple as that.

They can come in the form of a simple funnel builder that only allows you to build funnels and nothing else, as well as more complicated all in one solutions with a multitude of features including everything from landing page builders to email automators.

I personally use a funnel builder called Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is an all in one tool that is priced like a single use funnel builder. It allows you to build funnels, design landing pages, and create email automation campaigns all in a simple drag and drop editor that anyone can learn.

If you are interested in starting to build funnels of your own, you can get a free 14 day trial of Clickfunnels that you can cancel for free at any time.

When you sign up using the link on this site, you will also get the following bonuses:

Clickfunnels Bonus #1 Free Mentorship

This image shows my free mentorship program

I will answer any question you may have, and I can personally help you get started building profitable funnels. Email me any time any day, and I will get back to you ASAP

Clickfunnels bonus #2 Free Converting Lead Capture Funnel

This image shows the free clickfunnels converting funnel

You can also have the exact email that I have used for the last 6 months to get a 60% conversion rate on all of my offers (Industry average is around 20%) Please note that the link will only work once you have signed up for the trial

Clickfunnels Bonus #3 Free Funnel Suite

this image shows the clickfunnels free funnel suite

When you sign up to Clickfunnels, you will get access to their free suite of funnels built by the likes of Russel Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone.

Clickfunnels Bonus #4 Free Affiliate Mini-Course

this image shows my free clickfunnels course

You can also get access to my free affiliate mini-course that will teach you how to start your first free affiliate business in under an hour.

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