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One Funnel Away Challenge: Do You Have What It Takes?

How much money can I make with ClickFunnels? When will I be successful? What if you were one funnel away from finding the answer?

Russel asked other millionaires similar questions. If you lost everything and started from zero, how would you come back?

After finding many strategies, they simplified it into a 30-day program to get back up.

Within one month, they could create a funnel, an irresistible offer, traffic, an email list, and a reputation. That means anybody could do the same, even if you are an "unknown newbie."

Is The ClickFunnels Challenge The Real Deal?

People don't find such propositions every day. The idea that you could change your life in 30 days is exciting yet questionable. When you look for proof, however, there are hundreds of people who made it.

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Whatever your objective is in business, the Challenge details step-by-step what actions you will take each day. By staying accountable, taking action, and learning the process, you will make it a reality.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any specific results. People associate different ideas to what success is for them. What we can guarantee is that it will be enough to start your business and scale it.

Remember, this plan exactly shows what millionaire marketers would do if they lose everything. Anyone who follows these steps will accelerate their path to wealth.

this image shows the one funnel away challenge

Why The One Funnel Away Challenge Can Guarantee Such Results

It's probably not the first online program you see out there. If you have ever bought a make-money-online course, you know information doesn't determine success. You could know all the secrets and still change nothing due to a lack of action.

Why do some people have trouble starting the journey, no matter how much help they receive? Inversely, I can show you entrepreneurs who found their way to make six figures monthly with little or no help.

Russel has worked with countless students. As it turns out, knowledge, accountability, and execution are the formula for success.

The One Funnel Away Challenge follows these three concepts. The plan is clear. The mentors will guide you through the process and prevent your mistakes.

And the guide is specific enough for you to take action immediately.

Unlike online courses, this Challenge trains you to become a sales machine through all possible formats, from books to live Q&As. Here is what you will get.

this image shows one funnel away sales machine

The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) In Four Sections

A person who signs up for the $100 program will receive five bonuses. There are three physical products they will deliver to you in the One Funnel Away Challenge Kit.

#1 The Challenge Workbook.

this image shows the one funnel away challenge workbook

As soon as you sign up, you have instant access to this monthly plan. Each day, they will give you missions to ensure to are on the right path to meet the final goal.

Best of all, you don't need to wait until they ship you the package to start. All these products have a virtual format so that you can use them anywhere

anytime. You can find your Workbook online when you log into your account.

Here, you will have daily checklists, resource links, and enough space to document your progress.

#2 The 30-Day Hardcover book

this image shows the one funnel away challenge hard cover book

This book shows the actual strategies successful marketers would use. It assumes you start from zero: no product, funnel, reputation, or email list.

It will teach you how to create each one of them. In less than a month, you could have launched your business and work with your first group of clients. Although the beginning can be tough, everything becomes easier later.

That's why they offer a 30-day plan. Once you complete it, everything is ready for you to step up your game.

#3 The MP3 Player

this image shows the one funnel away challenge mp3 player

Imagine if you could work on this mission, no matter where you are. This player contains all the daily lessons recorded by Russel, Julie, and Stephen. Unlike the book, the player also has recorded the first group of Live Q&As. It's the perfect format for marketers who are too busy to watch videos or read books.

They organize the content in 51 chapters, which adds up over 40 hours of content.

#4 Business Training

this image shows you the one funnel away challenge mentorship programme

Three funnel experts will mentor you to make the most out of these 30 days. Russel, Julie, and Stephen will teach you the strategy in daily video-lessons. Remember to join the live group calls for customized training.

The program includes all the information and plans, so you can start as soon as you join. But it takes work to get the knowledge, stay accountable, and get things done.

It may not be for everybody, but is it for you?

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