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Not Enough Clients? Use Lead Funnels

Are lead funnels the real deal? It's not all about sales. Where can you find the most active buyers to join your email list?

The best funnels can even sell high ticket offers to the same clients over and over again. Can you imagine it?

With the right lead funnels, you can do some traffic strategies and 10X your profits. When it comes to conversions, that's one of the best things you can do.

Lead generation gives an unfair advantage. In the long term, those who don't use it won't be able to compete against the lead gen marketers.

Then what makes it so valuable?

Can Lead Funnels Predict The Future?

Marketers face constant uncertainty. Will this ad work? How many sales can we get? How will people engage with our content?

Here's why these funnels are the solution. Apart from getting sales, they are automated tools that adapt to your audience and predict it.

this image shows predicting customers

The more people enter your email sequence, the more reliable your data will be. Whenever you pull the same strategy, you'll know how others will act 99% of the time.

Imagine if you knew everything about your customers. You could think ten steps ahead and design the perfect product. When it comes to marketing, opportunities are limitless.

Here are a few things you can do with lead gen funnels.

Smart Ads. A tool can track your leads, extract their basic information, and create an ad based on it. It's 100% automatic and updates itself.

this image shows smart ads

Lifetime Value, LTV. Imagine you have three thousand leads on your list. Email software can show you the average time and money they spend with you. Let's say they give you $120 after six months and then unsubscribe. That's $20 per month per lead.

this image shows customer lifetime value

In advertising, those who don't track their LTV will think short term. The average bid price could go from $1 to $5, depending on keyword volume. If you come in bidding $10, however, you beat everyone else and make $10 per lead, after six months.

In essence, you have a money-printing machine. Of course, the product has to be amazing, and optimization reaches its limits, but the concept is smart.

Webinar Funnels. After someone joins your email list, you start sending them content they can find useful. This practice improves trust and chance for a future sale.

this image shows webinar funnels

It can easily take months unless you use webinars. For some reason, their average view time and conversions are sky-high. Not everyone understands webinar funnels, but it's a brilliant combination with lead funnels.

Now that you've seen the cool things lead funnels can do, here's how you can create yours.

The Three Stages Of Lead Marketing

Getting leads is more than getting more traffic and conversions. You need to meet for objectives to turn leads into clients and scale the business.

#1 Lead Generation

Every funnel needs traffic to work. Even if your product is free, it still requires you to promote it.

this image shows lead generation

You could think of advertising, but how do we ensure these people are leads, not only visitors? It's not enough for someone to know you exist, but to be valuable for them, so they come back every time.

Opt-in pages are the no.1 method for lead generation: you create a free offer you send to people's emails. If they register, you'll have their contact information.

The offer you create is called "lead magnet," which has to be something specific for the reader. It can be a test, checklist, excel sheet, small ebook, a short masterclass, or a ten-minute consulting call.

#2 Lead Nurturing

this image shows lead nurturing

Leads are useless until they turn into customers. You want your subscribers to take action and engage, which is only possible with trust. It doesn't have to be a sale, but they need to do something. Anything. read an article, follow you on social media, visit a website.

Like leag gen, nurturing is about giving value for free periodically. As people start trusting you, they will want to buy, or at least to give back.

#3 Lead Filtering

this image shows lead nurturing

Your email engagement rate affects how many leads get your emails. Your best subscribers may not get their content if your list is full of "cold leads" that ignore you.

Make sure to be specific with your call-to-action, even if it means getting less traffic. If people aren't excited to read your emails, you either have to improve them or make it easier for others to unsubscribe.

Last thoughts

Lead funnels are powerful because you can think long term about marketing. You can predict the future and market to your leads forever.

Remember, you still need to add value, so leads stay subscribed long enough to purchase. The subscription time shows indirectly how engaged people are.

Lead funnels come down to one question: when people opt-in, are they excited with what you have to offer?

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