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Marketing in Your Car

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The world of business is constantly evolving, and morphing into an ever more complicated system of funnels, and webpages that can seem too complicated to traverse let alone recreate for one’s own business.

At the top of this list is marketing, a sometimes fickle, but consistently necessary skill-set that can easily decide whether your business (Or future business) succeeds, or comes crashing down in a massive heap of failure.

But how can you find time to learn marketing when you are always preoccupied with a thousand other tasks that come along with owning a business?

Simple, listen to a podcast by one of the most well respected, and widely known marketers in the business: Russel Brunson.

What is Marketing In Your Car?

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Marketing in your car, by Russell Brunson, is a podcast dedicated to teaching prospective business owners proven high level marketing tactics to help you start your business, and take your exploits to the next level.

He uses his podcast as a medium to portray his exploits and experiences, and breaks them down into simple easy to understand topics and lessons.

You can have the opportunity to learn directly from the man that designed and built clickfunnels into the multi million dollar entity that it is today!

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Brunson uses everything that he has learned over nearly two decades of marketing, and combines it into an extremely easy to follow podcast. The best thing is that the man is a natural teacher and orator, so his content is extremely easy to digest, even if you are listening in your car.

Russel found that he himself was always pressed for time, and thus many of his podcasts are recorded while he is doing simple activities, and chores to demonstrate that he understands the business of his audience, and how easy it is to learn and enact simple tasks even while you are on the run.

In fact, he is so dedicated to proving this that he recorded 257 unique individual podcast segments that portray a huge amount of his expertise on the topic.

His podcast is primarily focused on making sales funnels, increasing your web traffic, and generating leads.

Marketing in Your Car Podcast Overview

Creator: Russell Brunson

Market Segment: Marketing

Number of Episodes: 257

Duration: 3-5 Minutes Each Segment

this image shows marketing in your car

What Does The Podcast Include?

The podcast includes 4 essential topics that Russell deems necessary to succeed in today’s marketing world.

These sections include:

Funnel University Monthly - This section includes everything from Clickfunnels University, and is a must read if you are not able to consume all of Clickfunnels university. You don’t want to miss out on any of the great things from this publication.

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Clickfunnels - Clickfunnels has grown to become one of the most successful, and widely used marketing softwares anywhere on the web. It is famed for it’s ability to make marketing, and funnel building easy, and it is the topic of the second section. Brunson spends a great deal of time explaining how you can use this popular tool to improve your marketing capabilities.

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Webinars - Brunson describes how you can use various webinar funnels to improve your marketing conversions. He talks about how to manage, price, and distribute them to help you become more adept at using webinars.

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Funnel Immersion - This section talks about how you can start building and optimizing your funnels for conversions.He also explains the steps that you need to take to start really flourishing on Clickfunnels.

Why Should You Listen to Marketing in Your Car

  1. You get to learn valuable lessons from a bona fide marketing expert - This podcast allows you to learn from one of the best marketing experts in the busines. You will learn about his experiences, tips, and the challenges that he faced when he was looking to become a successful entrepreneur.

  2. You Can Leverage Clickfunnels for Your Financial Gain - This podcast fully discusses clickfunnels, and how you can use the software to your own advantage. Learn from the expert, and founder of Clickfunnels what works, and what doesnt. Learn how entrepreneurs are using his creation to make millions online!

  3. It Saves You Resources - Marketing in your car is absolutely free, and it can teach you a valuable variety of lessons in under 10 minutes per day. You will truly learn how to make your business better every day! New podcasts and talk shows have become rampant across the internet, but few if any have the quality, as well as the premium materials that Marketing in your car boasts.

Hop right in, and learn how to optimize your business for free today!

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