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Lead Magnet Secrets: How ClickFunnels Boosts Lead Generation

red of not getting any sales? You've built this amazing website, but there's no traffic. How can we kick-start your business?

Many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas. They give their best to design a winning offer. The problem is, they forget about marketing.

What's the point of having a product others don't know that exists? It doesn't matter if you create content, sell on Shopify, or run a Saas company. Product creation is half of the process, if not less.

Luckily, you don't have to spend ages on marketing. In 2020, platforms like ClickFunnels get done in minutes what used to take weeks. You can automate marketing and focus only on business.

We'll share how to set up this tool to turn visitors into followers, which means potential clients.

What Makes Lead Magnets Different For Marketing?

this image shows lead magnets for Clickfunnels

Business is a game of credibility. If you target the right customer, they will pay as much as you want as long as they believe in the value you offer. If you have the best product, they should come, right?

The reality is, visitors, don't turn into clients overnight. The first sale involves a lot of friction, which is why we use email marketing funnels.

this image shows clickfunnels email marketing

Sales funnels work like goal setting. The best way to achieve your goals is to measure them and break them down into small pieces.

In ClickFunnels, you can divide the sales process as much as you want. The more detailed and customized it is, the better it will convert. Lead generation is always Step One.

Think of landing pages, SEO, free trials, social media, or paid ads. Although all are vital, none of them creates actual trust. Your potential customer appears on the lead magnet, not the final sale.

ClickFunnels is really good at three things: increasing conversions, running webinars, and generating leads. Best of all, they do 90% of the work, so you don't waste any time on marketing.

Lead Gen Is The Essence Of Email Marketing

We use email marketing to follow up on leads and improve their conversion chance. Since business is a game of trust, we need a mean to deliver our message to others.

this image shows increasing conversion rate

Where does credibility come from? It starts with lead magnets. It's the strategies you use to convince others to join your email list.

The question is, when new visitors land on your page, what moves them to keep coming back? How do you position yourself as an expert?

The Rules For The Perfect Lead Magnet

In an opt-in page, lead magnets are free valuable resources. When people enter their email, they receive this "gift." For the marketer, it's the opportunity to start a relationship and build a reputation.

But the Internet is full of lead magnets by 2020. How could you rise above the noise?

#1 Incite Curiosity

It takes creativity to attract others to your free offer. Don't just add value. How can you make it interesting?

this image shows clickfunnels curiosity

If you think people will find it useful, feel free to use Clickbait. Something like this example:

"Looking to make money online?

Tell us where to send our checklist for e-com stores. Find out how much money you should be making."

If your lead magnet involves others to fill up data, it's an opportunity to know more about them!

Remember to have a specific headline to qualify your leads.

#2 Add Value Upfront

this image shows adding value

A person that rejects your lead magnet doesn't mean they don't trust your brand. You can show your opt-in offer to everyone as many times as needed. Plus, there're many ideas you can try to gain their trust.

In social media, you can answer their questions and create curated content.In your website, you can create a blog to share premium content for free.In your opt-in funnel, you can add instant lead magnets, which don't ask for their email.In advertising, you could create a brand-awareness campaign.In the Search Engine Result Pages, you could do SEO to rank and look like an authority.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure to try as many as possible.

Closing Line

We cannot stress enough how crucial lead generation is. Because it's the first stage of the sale funnel, it will affect everything else. It's the difference between success and failure in sales.

In fact, you could have everything perfect but your lead magnet and still miss your chance. It won't be enough to ensure the sale, but it's the requirement.

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