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How to Get Clients For Your Construction Company Online

Have a great service but don't know how to sell it? We've all been there. If only you got a few clients more, the business would grow.

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In construction, it happens all the time. You may offer the best service. The problem is, people have no way to know about you other than referrals. What can you do to get more clients?

If you do carpentry and construction, chances are your competitors sell similar offers. As a default, these people treat construction as a local business model.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Most contractors underestimate the power of Internet marketing. If you master the digital strategies, you can outwork all of them.

Chances are they're not using ClickFunnels, which is a huge disadvantage. But what is it, and why should you care?

ClickFunnels For Construction & Carpentry

this image shows clickfunnels for construction and carpentry

Internet marketing isn't a new concept. Even most local businesses have an official website to share information. When you look at design and conversions, these sites are far from desirable.

Websites are informational, but funnels are designed to sell. If you want to get new clients, create a sales sequence with ClickFunnels.

At the very least, you get these advantages.

#1 More attention.

this image shows getting more attention for your construction company

Who is using ClickFunnels? Probably not many competitors. That already makes your site look original and appealing for clients. In ClickFunnels, you can use pre-made funnel templates for construction. It will boost your conversions and bring more customers.

#2 Automation.

this image shows construction marketing automation

Business owners know how to treat customers. They want to give them the best service. The problem is, they don't have any time left for marketing.

ClickFunnels solves this issue. You never have to worry about getting clients online. The sales funnel will do everything for you, so you only focus on your work.

Best of all, it takes minutes to set up. ClickFunnels allows newbies to create professional sales pages, even if you never built a website.

#3 Long-Term Clients.

this image shows how to get long term clients for your construction company

A funnel makes your service more accessible. Overall, your visitors get more value from your business, which makes them come back every time.

Over time, your funnel can turn non-buyers into paying clients. Even better, your best customers could refer to your business!

In construction, most sales come from referrals. If that's your case, take a look at ClickFunnels. You can build your own affiliate program. People can promote your brand for free, even if they never bought from you.

Internet marketing is simpler than it looks. Here are two tips to help construction businesses boost their sales.

#1 Rank On Google SERPs

this image shows how to rank your construction company website on google

Never underestimate visibility. The more people know you, the more business opportunity you will find. Thankfully, it's not hard to do.

You can do SEO for free. When people search "carpentry Miami" on Google, does your website appear first? First-page results get 95% of the traffic. The top three of the list get 65% of it.

You don't need to do SEO yet, but customers have to know you exist. At least, people should find your business when they search for your brand name.

Go to Google My Business, a free Google tool, and register your brand. Whenever someone finds your result, Google will display your content and contact information. More business opportunities.

#2 Website Design

this image shows how to design a website for your construction company

How to do web design? With ClickFunnels, you don't need any programming skills. You only have to follow the three commandments of a good website.

Search Intent.

this image shows search intent for your construction company

People don't have time for unessential information. If you own a woodworking business, people want to know who you are, where to find you, and when you open. Any extra information reduces engagement.

It's vital that you only show people what they need to know.

User-Friendly Design.

this image shows how to make a user friendly construction company website

Smart designs are those that make navigation easy. If people cannot understand your website fast, they'll click away. Thankfully, ClickFunnels has you covered. All their templates are simple and high-converting.

If you want real proof about your web design, ask someone to test it. You can pay others to review your funnel in platforms like UserTesting.

Load Speed

this image shows clickfunnels website load speed

Once you made all the changes, keep your page load speed under three seconds. If it doesn't load fast enough, 90% of people click away. Which makes all our design effort useless.

It's easy to do and will save you a lot of work. Visit SiteSpeed Insights, and Google will rate your site speed. In the report, you'll see what's wrong and how to fix it.

The Bottom Line

Most contractors never take action on what you have just learned. If you master digital marketing, it won't take long for your construction business to grow.

After all, clients want to work with the best experts. If you position yourself online, you'll get the demand you deserve.

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