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How To Duplicate/Share a Funnel in Clickfunnels

this image shows how to clone a clickfunnels funnel

Ever wondered how to copy one of your Clickfunnels funnels? Or have you wanted to share a Clickfunnels funnel with an associate but you can't figure out how?

Learn how to duplicate a funnel, or share it by following these simple instructions:

1. How to Duplicate a Funnel in Clickfunnels

Found a good funnel? Re-create it as much as you need when you learn Clickfunnels how to duplicate a funnel!

Step 1. Navigate to your funnels dashboard.

Step 2. Select the funnel that you want to duplicate

this image shows how to clickfunnels duplicate a funnel

Step 3. Navigate to the settings bar on the far right

this image shows how to duplicate a funnel in clickfunnels

Step 4. Select the tab that says clone funnel in the far right toolbar at the top of your screen. This should take you to a page with multiple loading bars that show the status of your funnels. Once the funnel on the very bottom (The one that you are trying to duplicate) finishes loading, that will mean that you have duplicated it, and you can return to your funnels dashboard and begin editing the funnel

this image shows how to duplicate a clickfunnels funnel

2. How to Share a Funnel in Clickfunnels

Whether sharing with a friend, or moving a funnel to your manager, learning Clickfunnels how to share a funnel is always important

Step 1. Once again, you will need to navigate to the funnels dashboard

this image shows sharing a clickfunnels funnel

Step 2. Again, select the funnel that you want to share, and navigate into the funnel settings.

how to share a clickfunnels funnel

Step 3. Once in the funnel settings, you should scroll down a small bit, and you will see a link that is surrounded in a blue box that says "Share this code with any ClickFunnels user to give them a cloned copy of your Funnel." All you have to do is copy the whole link, and you can share it with anybody you want as long as they have a Clickfunnels account.

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