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How Do Sales Funnels Work

If put together well, a sales funnel can be the most powerful sales tool you will ever use.

If not done correctly... well... Let's just say it's best to do them correctly....

So how can you build a really good sales funnel that actually looks good, and converts.

Well, let me explain.

First Of All, How Does A Sales Funnel Actually Work?

A sales funnel is basically a series of simple websites or webpages, each of which counts as a step of the funnel.

Sales funnels are designed to capture leads (Usually in the form of an email address), create tension ( No, probably not the kind of tension that you first thought about, get your mind out of the gutter) and, most importantly, sell products.

There are three basic steps to a good sales funnel (or four if you count your landing page, sales page, whatever you use to get people into your funnel in the first place)

Step#1 : The hook

image showing my clickfunnels hook

This is the step that just about everybody is missing. You see, most people just send viewers straight through to a lead capture tool, and ask them for their email address without providing any value. This can work, but a funnel becomes much more effective when you have a good hook.

It is also important to realize that the hook is the opening to your funnel, and so it is important to capture your customer's interest right away.

A hook is a piece of content that you give away for free in order to get somebody's email address. It usually is content directly related to the product, and, best of all, it can be something extremely small. Think for instance a free ebook, or a small course that you put together. Best of all, you can get these materials for free from sites like Project Gutenberg, or Open Library.

Giving away a free piece of content on your hook page can boost your conversions by over 5x, and, like I said, you can usually find one in under 5 minutes.

Step #2: The Capture

this image shows my clickfunnels capture

The capture is the second part of the process, and is the reason why you build a funnel in the first place as opposed to doing a direct link offer.

The capture section of the funnel is where you actually capture the information that you want to get from your customers.

I personally recommend that you use a popup capture tool like the one that you can get in the free funnel that I give you when you sign up for a free Clickfunnels trial. More about that at the end of the page if you are interested.

The most important thing about the capture page is that it is simple and that it is effective at pulling in leads.

You essentially just want to say here's what I'm offering, give me your email address, and you can have it (But just much nicer).

Step #3: The Sale

this image shows my clickfunnels sale

This is the step where you actually make the dough.

After you have collected the customer's email address, you can finally send them on to the offer. This step is pretty straightforward.

You want to build up some engaging sales copy, list your product (Or affiliate product, content, etc), and sell it.

You can even send them directly from the capture page directly to the product page, that is what I normally do.

Oh, and one more thing. Many of you are probably wondering why you want to get people's email addresses so bad. After all, isn't email marketing dead?

Well, no, absolutely not. As a matter of fact, if done correctly, it can blow your profits sky high.

Getting a customers email address is literally like a free license of personal access to that person for as long as they have their email. There is no need to spend more money to remarket to them, and best of all, you can build up an authority in a niche, and you can even start to sell other products to your email list at no additional charge.

This image shows Clickfunnels email marketing

Now many of you are probably wondering how you can get started building your own funnels.

I recommend you use Clickfunnels, the best all in one funnel building software available today. If you want to learn more about that here

And as I was saying before, for those that choose to sign up to the free 14 Day Clickfunnels trial will be getting the funnel I use everyday... Absolutely free... as well as some other free offers.

Clickfunnels Bonuses:

Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free Mentorship

this image shows my free clickfunnels mentorship program

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Clickfunnels Bonus #2 Free Converting Funnel

This image shows my free converting funnel

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Clickfunnels Bonus #3 Funnel Suite

this image shows the free clickfunnels funnel suite

When you sign up for a Clickfunnels account, you will get instant access to this suite of funnels built by professionals including Russel Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone

Clickfunnels Bonus #4: Free Affiliate Mini-Course

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