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Getresponse review: Overhyped, or major difference maker?

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Ever heard the saying “The money is in the list”? Well, email marketing has never been more important for any business than it is today, and as an online business owner, it is your duty to make sure that your email list is up running and collecting leads so that you can see maximum possible profits.

That’s why today we will be reviewing Getresponse, and hopefully this will help you determine whether this autoresponder software is the right choice for you and your company.

What is an Autoresponder, and Why do I Need One?

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An autoresponder is a software designed to allow you to collect potential customer’s contact information, and use it to retarget and remarket for maximum profits.

Using an autoresponder is often wildly profitable, and if used correctly, an autoresponder can be the best converting tool in any marketer’s toolbox.

Autoresponders are an extremely profitable way to sell items to customers because the only fee involved is usually the price of membership to that autoresponder service.

Think about it this way: You have already most likely payed to get your advertisement in front of your customer, and depending on what form of marketing you use, you also likely paid for the lead after the customer clicked through to your website. So why not go to a little extra effort to make sure that you never have to pay for that customer again?

That is where an autoresponder comes in… You simply collect the visitor’s information, and boom! Just like that you are able to resell and remarket to that customer for years to come without having to spend any more money on expensive ads, or retargeting campaigns.

What is Getresponse?

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Getresponse is an all in one marketing solution that provides you with the ability to publish newsletters, host funnels and websites, as well as unlimited autoresponders, landing pages, marketing automations, webinars, and CRM designed to help you distribute information and advertisements to potential customers.

Getresponse Hilights:

  • 100,000+ active users

  • Free 30 day trial

  • Up to 68% higher deliverability than competitors

  • Send unlimited emails

  • Automatic message personalization

  • Smart tracking features

Top 3 benefits of using Getresponse

  1. Captures lost sales and helps you convert leads into profitable customers

this image shows capturing lost sales
Getresponse Captures Los Sales

According to a study by, 82% of all purchasing customers view 5 or more pieces of a company’s content before they ever buy from that company. With that being said, retargeting leads using traditional methods can be extremely expensive and inefficient.

Using Getresponse, you can not only capture your lead’s email address and contact information, but you can use that information to send that lead a nearly unlimited amount of content (Use discretion as to the amount of course), and as long as the information you provide is useful and informative, many leads will eventually return to your business. Best of all, the only cost is the price of membership to Getresponse which we will be going over later in this article.

2. Increase your company’s lead generation and lead conversion.

This image shows getresponse funnel
Lead Funnel

Getresponse was originally designed as an autoresponder only, but over time, the company has added the ability to build funnels, newsletters, and even to host webinars. This means that Getresponse can be used to collect the information that you will use to resell to potential customers later as you make your sales pitch.

Even simple funnels like this can be extremely effective at capturing emails for later use.

3. Automates Email Marketing Tasks

this image shows getresponse email automation
Getresponse Email Automation

Email marketing has never been easier than it is with Getresponse. Quickly create stunning emails using one of Getresponse’s many free email templates, and then simply upload the email to Getresponse’s autoresponder sequences. Fully automate your email marketing process, to give you more time to work on your business, and less communications headaches.

Getresponse Features - Getresponse Review

Here is a list of the best features provided by getresponse:

  • Getresponse Industry Templates (300+)

Looks make sales! Getresponse features a library of over 300 industry specific, and general templates that are carefully built to increase sales. Try out the Getresponse editor to create custom email communications that can include unique graphics, fonts, and formatting that will ensure your emails pop! You can also customize your communications with your company’s custom colors and logo.

  • Getresponse Email Analytics

Getresponse analytics ensures that you are able to track your email campaigns with ease. Not getting results? Wondering what makes that new email campaign so successful? Getresponse analytics will help you determine the strong and weak points of your campaigns, so that you can get maximum profits within your business. Getresponse tracks every open, purchase, click, subscribe, and unsubscribe. Then just use the intuitive graphs and visuals to help you improve your results.

  • Getresponse A/B Testing

Getresponse A/B testing allows you to create up to 5 unique individual messages with personalized topics, styles, and techniques. Use Getresponse A/B testing to help optimize your campaigns for maximum results. Getresponse individually tracks each version for you, and then automatically chooses the best one. A/B testing can save you a ton of cash, and it takes just a few minutes to perform.

  • Getresponse Social Media Integration

Social media networks are some of the best places online to collect potential customers. Your business needs to be taking advantage of this! Getresponse allows you to integrate your campaigns seamlessly with social websites by using point and click integrations. Allow Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to bring in free traffic that converts.

  • Getresponse Guaranteed Delivery

Have you ever sent out an email to your list and found that it didn’t ever get opened because it got blocked from entering client inboxes, or got sent straight to spam? Most email automation softwares struggle to get your ads in front of clients because of the strict content walls set up by google and other email services. Getresponse on the other hand has proven to be excellent at getting your content delivered directly to customers. With over ten years of experience, there is no better option to make sure your content goes where you want it.

  • Getresponse Mobile App

Keep a tight watch on your campaigns with the Getresponse mobile app. Available to both Apple and Android users, the Getresponse mobile app allows business owners to view their dashboard, and go over their company’s statistics directly from their phone. You can also add customer information on the go to make sure that you never miss out on any sales or listbuilding opportunities.

  • Getresponse Online Surveys

Use Getresponse’s point and click builder to create custom online surveys for your customers. Ask as many questions as you want and compile the data you need to create new audiences, optimize products, and beat out the competition at every opportunity. It’s extremely easy to use, and takes just a few minutes to set up. Start talking to your customers in no time!

  • Getresponse Coaching and Support

Whether you are just starting out, or are operating with a full team, Getresponse offers comprehensive 24/7 support to help you get started with their software. They offer service by phone, email, or live chat to best fit your company’s needs!

  • Getresponse Enterprise

Getresponse Enterprise consists of a fully standalone system that is built to allow high volume sending, professional support, and and elite reliability at a low cost. Every service is hosted on it’s own individual server that includes two dedicated IP’s. Each server is capable of sending up to one million messages (Yes you read that right, 1,000,000 messages) within a 24 hour period. Each system is also automated and uses Getresponse’s advanced “Send-and-delivery” analytics. Every system is also monitored by a team of delivery experts who make sure your messages go directly where intended.

Getresponse Pricing and Plans

Getresponse offers 4 comprehensive plans. These plans include Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max. The plan you choose depends on your needs and list size, but overall, most new marketers are able to find success with the Basic and Plus plans.

Best of all, you get a 30 day free trial, and you aren’t required to enter a credit card until after the trial has expired meaning that you only have to spend money on the software if you are sure that you like it

Getresponse also offers an 18% discount when purchasing the 12 month plan, and a 30% discount on all 24 month Getresponse plans.

Getresponse Pro’s

  • Getresponse Cheap Pricing

Getresponse is generally thought of as one of the least expensive email marketing solutions available online, and thus provides some of the best bang for your buck of any email marketing platform. Lose none of the functionality of Getresponse’s competitors while paying less than the competition!

  • Getresponse Funnel and Landing Page Builder

this image shows the Getresponse funnel builder
Getresponse Funnel Builder

Build beautiful looking custom landing pages that convert with Getresponse’s custom landing page builder. Gone are the days where marketers have to buy separate funnel building and email marketing softwares. Just a few simple clicks on Getresponse’s drag and drop editor and you can have your own custom themed landing page.

  • Getresponse Double Optin Cancellation

Getresponse offers a unique double optin cancellation feature that makes it much easier for new clients to join your mailing list. A double optin is a situation in which a viewer must sign up for an email list, and then must confirm their signup using a confirmation email sent out by the email provider. This is cumbersome and cost inefficient as many people simply forget to confirm, or never end up getting the confirmation email in the first place.

Getresponse allows you to bypass this feature meaning that you are able to contact every subscriber without the need for useless double optins.

  • Getresponse Discounts

Long term getresponse plans offer huge discounts over monthly services with yearly subscriptions costing 18% less and 24 month plans costing 30% less per month than Getresponse’s monthly plans respectively

  • Getresponse Automation

The Getresponse software is some of the easiest to use online, and once you get it set up it can run on autopilot making you money for years into the future. Getresponse acts as your de-facto salesman, and is able to create conversions even while you are offline, out of your house, or even out of the country!

  • Getresponse Transparency

Getresponse reports accurate, reliable numbers that show actual results. No fluff, no lies, just accurate numbers to help you improve your campaigns. See features like message opens, click throughs, sales, and many more directly from your Getresponse Dashboard

Getresponse Cons

While the Getresponse software is quite good overall, every option has it’s cons, as I have outlined for you below

  • Limited Phone Support

Getresponse does not provide phone support on anything but Max plans. I am sure that this feature will change in the future, but for the time being the lack of phone support can be a little bit annoying. It is important to not however that Getresponse does provide great email and live chat support, and I personally have never had an issue that one of these methods wasn’t adequate to fix

  • Webinar Attendee Limit

Getresponse puts a hard limit on webinar attendance that caps the total limit of people at 500. I am not sure why this happens, and I doubt it will be much of a problem to many of you, but it is important to note that there is a webinar cap. Getresponse has worked to improve it’s connectability with many third party webinar providers however, so if this does become a problem it is easy to fix with a dedicated third party software

  • The Drag and Drop Editor Could Use Some Improvements

That is not to say that it is bad, or doesn’t work as intended, but rather that it is a newer feature, and as such, there are a few things that could use slight improvement. Once again, this will most likely not affect you, and I would imagine that the few issues that do currently exist will be ironed out as the software has time to age.

  • Facebook Pixel Difficulty

While one can (And should) use a Facebook pixel with their getresponse campaigns, it is important to note that the pixel setup can be a bit more difficult than on other platforms. Getresponse is actively working to fix this. In reality, this point could have been included in the last bullet point, but I believe that it is quite important to note. Once again, I’m sure that Getresponse is working on the issue, and I personally have never found it to be debilitating, but just be aware that there may be a few slight difficulties when starting out.

Getresponse Review - Conclusion

This image shows the Getresponse Review
Getresponse Review

Overall, Getresponse is a very good email autoresponder that is extremely effective for its intended purpose. It combines a great autoresponder that gets emails delivered exactly as intended as well as a good funnel builder and a quality tracking framework.

Getresponse has some of the most competitive prices and cost-performance ratios online. The basic and plus plans are perfect for beginners and small businesses, while the professional and max plans are great for larger businesses.

The nearly unlimited sending potential of 1,000,000 emails per day and unlimited funnel visits mean that you can be as active in your marketing efforts as you want while being profitable and efficient.

I have been using it for several years as my primary email marketing software, and have noticed a significant increase in sales and conversions across my campaigns.

Of course, I can’t completely guarnatee that it will provide you the same results, but Getresponse does offer a 30 day free trial (Credit card is not required). I recommend that you at least try the program for the duration of the trial period. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to pay a thing, if it does, well, then good for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you found the content helpful, and good luck with your future marketing efforts!

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