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Free Clickbank Course 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Are you struggling to make money online?

Clickbank results

Or are you a new affiliate just looking to get into Affiliate Marketing on clickbank in 2020?

Well, if you are like me, then you are finding it extremely difficult to bring in clicks and leads that are anywhere near profitable

You see, a few years ago, it was possible to go out and buy warm clicks for as little as $0.10 through programs such as google or bing and link them directly to whatever offer you decided to promote. Leads were cheap and sales were easy to come by

I used to market this way…

But day by day, month by month, I began to see my profits decrease and my cost per sale skyrocket.

Offers that once netted me thousands of dollars began to dry up and I was forced to quit many of them as I thought there was no more money to be had…

I knew it was time for a change…

And this is what caused me to completely re-invent the way that I did marketing.

I began using an entirely different method to sell my products and I began to see crazy high conversion rates and incredible profit numbers once again.

I use a simple four step method called a funnel

Step 1: provide value

Step 2: Collect Emails

Step 3: Link to Offer

Step 4: Use emails to build lists and continue to convert on the back end.

Step 1.

The most important thing to remember when you are selling a digital product is simply that the best way to sell is to find a way to fix a problem.

The best way to do this is to provide a little bit of free content up front.

That could come in the form of a youtube video, a blog article, an ebook, or a free piece of content that will help the prospective customer to better use the product that you are trying to sell them.

This does not have to be anything extravagant.

As a matter of fact, making it extravagant will more than likely take the customers interest away from what you are selling.

That is why I recommend writing an article or recording a small course telling them directly how to use the item that you want them to purchase. Or you can create a small offer that helps them to use the product more efficiently.

If you want to find totally free content that can be used in this role, i recommend going to where you can find completely free ebooks

Now luckily for you, nearly every good affiliate program provides you with simple free offer that can help you to get good leads. Especially those found on clickbank, and other similar affiliate offer websites.

Step 2:

Now here is the important part that sets our method apart from all of the lower level competition.

Email collection…

Having permission to send a customer emails opens the door to what is essentially free hot traffic for years to come.

And how are you to collect these emails?

Well, there are a variety of different funnel builders and sales funnel websites out there, but the one that we recommend, and the one in which we are willing to give you our free email collection funnel is called click funnels.

Clickfunnels allows you to automate the funneling process as it allows you to build webpages, collect peoples information, and send automated messages to your prospective customers.

It is what I use and it is the most advanced funnel builder online.

Along with this, I want to give you my highest converting collection funnel (gets around 60% conversions)

I am also going to give you a free 14 day trial of click funnels, cancel any time.

You can get the free funnel and trial here: funnel and trial

(Please note that in order to receive the funnel, you need to first have a ClickFunnels account)

If you want to see how I build and operate my funnels, you can watch this free youtube tutorial

Step 3:

Alright, now that you have collected their email, it is time to send them to either a custom landing page, or the landing page provided by your affiliate network.

I personally use a ClickFunnels thank you page, which allows me to collect more information about the clickthrough rate and more analytics on my customers.

This step is obviously essential, but also the easiest, so I am not going to spend time explaining it here. Suffice to say that you can find the thank you page as part of the free funnel that I give you

Step 4:

While building a digital marketing funnel, finding a product, and collecting email leads are important steps, they are completely useless if you don't know how to get people to see your offer.

That is why i am going to quickly teach you two simple methods to start driving traffic to your offer. (One free, and one paid)

Method 1 (the paid method) involves using an advertising platform called bing ads.

Bing ads allows you to pay a small fee ($0.20-$5 per lead) to get your website, or in this case your funnel featured at the top of the bing search engine for a specific set of keywords which you can set while in the process of building the ad.

And since the funnel I give you should convert at minimum %50 of your visitors (Industry standards are usually 10-15 percent), you should be getting an absolute bargain on cpa (Cost Per Acquisition)

Bing is one of the most simple and straightforward advertising methods available today.

On the first page, you select things like budget, locations to show your ad, and the ad name.

bing ads

The second page is where you select the keywords you want your ad to appear for.

bing ads

And in the third section, you can build the ad itself.

bing ads

If you want a step by step tutorial on how to find keywords and set up your ad, you can watch this comprehensive youtube video in which I build an ad for you.

Now If you are more interested in free advertising, the second ad option is going to be much more relevant to you.

However, it is important to note that in the case of free ads, one must be much more patient as they always require more upfront work, and usually take a longer time to see results.

The free method of getting traffic involves answering questions on forums and websites like quora, and redirecting them to your funnel.

Now this does not mean that you should just spam your link willy-nilly across the internet in hope of gaining leads.

If you do that, you will more than likely end up with little or no results, and banned accounts on just about every website you use.

In order to start getting traffic using this link, it is of paramount importance that you provide a high degree of relevant information, so that those who view your comment have confidence in your competency in the topic.


As you can see, I offer good information before i even think of dropping my affiliate link, and this is why i don't get my comments taken down, and I have gotten literally thousands and thousands of views on my posts in days using this method.

There are literally hundreds of these forum type websites, each of which get millions of views a month, meaning that there is a ton of opportunity in this method.

Step 5:

This step is the one that is going to allow you to skyrocket your profits (in some cases, my profit has increased by up to 5-6 times, although, please note this is profit, not net sales)

You need to use the emails that you have collected in your digital marketing funnel to retarget your intended customers.

I generally do this in three levels.

In the first few days, I send out a series of emails beginning with one that straightforwardly sells the same program or product that I was selling in the first offer.

The rest of this series of emails is based around explaining the product and giving a series of short, content filled informational emails about the product along with more free valuable thoughts that further convince the prospective customer of its authenticity.

If you want to see how to build a simple email sales funnel, you can watch this training video

You can also download a free copy of my email marketing ebook found here

You can get your 30 day free trial account here!

Now, once you have tried to sell the first offer for a couple of weeks; and this is the crazy profitable part; you can find other offers within the same niche and use this email list to sell other products, completely free of advertising charge, which leads to amazing profit margins.

All you have to do is pay the relatively small charges for clickfunnels or whatever other software you choose to use.

Trust me, this worked for me, and if executed correctly it will work for you

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing and get your own business up and running as fast as possible?

Check out my youtube channel, with tons of great, free content!

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