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DotCom Secrets: The Shortcut To Build Your Online Company In 160 Pages

DotCom Secrets. Probably another book on "How To Make Money Online," isn't it?

If it wasn't for a tiny detail...

There is no catch. No upsell program in the back. No marketing fluff.

How many times have you found books written ONLY to make money from them?

We've all met gurus who want to get rich by teaching how to get rich. They keep their Internet secrets while selling you a completely different story.

And that's the no.1 fact that sets DotCom Secrets apart. It goes beyond upping conversions and traffic. Russel Brunson shares the unfiltered truth about online businesses.

Best of all, he wants to give you this book for FREE. And if you don't like it, they refund the shipping.

What's the catch?

It's all about your success. If you make money, everybody wins. Hopefully, you'll think of ClickFunnels when creating your online brand.

Plus, Russel made his fortune from this Saas company, not books. This book shows the exact steps to build eight-figure businesses and how you can do it, too.

How Do I Know It Will Work For My Unique Situation?

The first question everyone asks is "Will it work for me?".

Why wouldn't it?

Let us guess. It's not the first program you buy. Many others came before, but none of them worked.

DotCom takes the opposite approach. The secrets you will learn have nothing to do with traffic, products, conversions, or any form of conventional wisdom.

In fact, he'll reveal the only thing that matters in business. It explains the difference between six, seven, eight-figure companies, and beyond.

No matter where you look, some people have achieved more success than you will less knowledge, resources, and help. In DotCom Secrets, every strategy is followed by case studies. There's nothing better for learning than seeing those concepts in action.

Notice, we don't talk about superficial business growth. It's more than getting a few more clients or increase profits. Regardless of your niche, imagine if you could achieve these goals:

Increase your prices AND demand. You can say goodbye to low profits. Also, learn how to sell high-ticket offers to the same client over and over again.

this image shows dotcom secrets increasing profits

Be bullet-proof. Nothing can stop your business, even if Google changes the rules. Make your business last for decades.

this image shows dotcom secrets evergreen business

Own your market. Forever. Use this book to skyrocket your business. Reinvest so no competitor can ever catch up.

this image shows dotcom secrets industry leader

If you know what it takes and want to step up your game, DotCom Secrets is your book.

What Exactly Will I Learn In This Book?

What can it do for you?

You'd be amazed to know how many techniques this book shows. Since the content list can be a bit overwhelming, we'll share the top bullet points.

Where to find the most active buyers to join your email list.

Learn the exact script that turns small stores into cash-flow empires, and why Russel's students are paying over 25 thousand dollars to get it. Now, it's yours for free.

How to reverse-engineer the most-performing funnels and landing pages, so you can model them in your business.

The five-step email script that has made ClickFunnels over 1000% ROI.

How to get hundreds of thousands of leads building one-page websites.

this image shows dotcom secrets lead gen funnel

What If All These Results Don't Happen To Me?

Nobody likes to waste time. If you are going to take risks, at least, the upside has to outweigh the downside by ten times.

Then, what should you expect from DotCom Secrets? What can you lose? What can you win?

This book reflects the actions many entrepreneurs took before you to make it online. It the same script Russel follows, so it has to work.

Even better, it works for any marketer of any industry. The strategies are global. Once you master them, you become a better entrepreneur, no matter what project you choose.

On the official page, Russel shares the lessons you'll learn in DotCom Secrets, page by page.

The investment required is minimal. The book reveals the strategies in the first 160 pages. The other 95 analyzes the seven best funnel scripts of all time.

That's a four-hour read, if not less. Years of practical knowledge compressed in a few hours. If this value doesn't make it worth it, nothing will.

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