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Clickfunnels Webinars

Are you tired of low-converting traffic? Here's why ClickFunnels Webinars have become the no.1 secret to boost sales.

Three out of five marketers use sales webinars. Did you know they work ten times better than paid ads? That's 2% VS 20%.

It has become the top strategy for ClickFunnels marketers. Then, why do they work so well? And how can you create yours?

Selling With ClickFunnels Webinars

this image shows a clickfunnels webinar

Most people look at webinars as a magic tactic for conversions. In reality, most of its effect comes from what you do before the event. It's about how you structure your funnel.

Of course, it wouldn't make sense to take about funnels if we excluded the best software for it: ClickFunnels. Not only you can create webinars, but you also get high-converting templates for free.

Now, what's the secret?

Webinars can boost your attendee's engagement. The videos, slides, downloadables, copy, and live Q&As boost interaction. That makes webinars the fastest way to build trust.

Because of it, you get ridiculous conversion rates. Before we share the ClickFunnels method, ask yourself these questions:

Am I adding enough value to my viewers? It heavily influences conversions.

What are people's expectations? How excited are they?

A successful webinar follows three objectives.

First, register people. You can share it with content marketing and paid ads. The key is to give others a good reason to join. Second, keep the excitement until the event begins.

The third goal is to ensure the registered people actually join the webinar. That's why we need to keep these leads warm. Send them daily emails or pages where they can find value and feel excited.

All of it sounds good in theory. But how do you get started?

Creating Your Webinar Funnel In Three Steps

ClickFunnels keeps it simple so we can get it ready to launch within minutes. Are you ready to create your funnel?

Of course, step one is creating the ClickFunnels account. Get started for free with the fourteen-day free trial. It also includes a thirty-day money-back guarantee. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

this image shows clickfunnels 14 day free trial

Next step, choose the category. When people build funnels, they generally look to either generate leads, get sales, or run events. We will choose the third category.

Here, you will find countless templates for webinars. All of them have proven conversions, so choose the one that fits better with your model. Make any necessary edits, and you are ready to launch!

this image shows a Clickfunnels Webinar

As you can see, it's easy to create a webinar. But how do we ensure it will work? Here is the strategy Russel Brunson uses to run his business.

4 Strategies To Ensure Your Next Webinar Skyrockets Conversions

Webinars are easy if you know how to do them. These strategies cover all the stages, from awareness to conversion.

1. Incite Curiosity.

this image shows inciting curiosity

When a person finds your webinar, what's the only reason they would register? They want to get valuable content for free, not waste their time.

In your offer, make sure to mention the biggest benefit they will get, and why they must take action now. If you are a skilled copywriter, you can get more traffic with a catchy headline.

The key is to be specific so that people know what they get. Also, keep the message "incomplete" to incite curiosity.

To keep their attention, use powerful words: You, Now, New, Secret, and Free.

2.Indoctrination Pages.

Now, you have people registering into your webinar! However, that doesn't mean they are interested. Numbers show that less than 40% of subscribers will come to the event.

They have busy lives. If they don't have reminders, they will forget and reduce its importance. Luckily, you can increase this rate with indoctrination pages.

Keep selling the experience every running day before the event. Why should they trust you? Why is it a unique opportunity? Why should they feel excited?

this image shows clickfunnels indoctrination pages

Interact with your email list so that they think of the event. Remember, webinars sell the appearance of your product. People buy with emotions, not logic. They won't be thinking about features when deciding the purchase.

3. Engage in the webinar.

If you want your event to be memorable, make it interactive. With ClickFunnels, you can include countdown timers, live chat, and workbooks to download.

this image shows webinar engagements

Although this tip depends on skill, make conversational webinars to add interaction. Feel free to use slides, graphs, and make questions for attendees.

These techniques will constantly demand the attendee's attention. That's why most webinars have 52 minutes of view time on average.

4. Give them a second chance.

Now, you may think that we've done all the work. Another way to boost conversions more is to repeat your webinar.

this image shows re engagement

Sure, everyone agrees the event was spectacular. But, what happens to the ones who didn't come? Should they miss such an opportunity? You can email the replay so other's can re-engage.

The combination of these strategies is what makes ClickFunnels webinars the best tool for conversions.

Are you interested in trying out Clickfunnels Webinars for yourself?

Take advantage of a free 14 day ClickFunnels trial as well as the following set of bonuses I have compiled to help you on your marketing journey!

Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free Clickfunnels Mentorship

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Clickfunnels Bonus #2: Free Share Funnel

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Clickfunnels Bonus #3 Free Funnel Suite

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When you sign up for Clickfunnels, you instantly get access to a free suite of funnels some of which were created by the likes of Russel Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone. Never find yourself without a useful funnel with the free Clickfunnels Funnel Suite!

Clickfunnels Bonus #4 Free Affiliate Minicourse

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Start your own affiliate business in under an hour using this free affiliate course!

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