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Clickfunnels vs Zapier

Think of the hours you spend on tedious tasks. Stop looking for time. Create it! Here's how to do it with Zapier and ClickFunnels.

Are you working more than you should?

Don't get it wrong. Entrepreneurs certainly work hard to reach their goals. The problem comes when you have less time.

You see, the goal of a digital business is to create freedom with money AND time. Making money is great, but what's the point if you cannot enjoy it? Even worse, how can you move the company forward when being absorbed by the little daily tasks? There's a point where hard work needs to replace with smart work.

ClickFunnels And Zapier: The Cost Of Not Automating Your Website

Think when you start a business and become successful. The more money you make, the more opportunities you find, and the more the business expands. That creates many areas that require your attention.

As always, problems arrive, which require time, energy, and money. Busy marketers have bigger problems because they don't find time to solve them. They don't have enough space to think of the future and prevent them!

this image shows business time savings

At that stage, automation is a must. With Zapier, you can connect all your business software so that it works for you and saves time. After all, you cannot scale the business if you are stuck on the daily obligations.

ClickFunnels is the second most powerful automation tool out there. Combine both, and you will create an unstoppable machine.

ClickFunnels And Zapier: Don't Do It If You Can Automate It

Zapier helps entrepreneurs automate apparently small tasks. These actions usually take a few minutes a day, but compound and turn into days and weeks in the long term.

this image shows Clickfunnels Automation

Especially when using dozens of apps, the problem becomes bigger. Every time you open an app, you open the door to new distractions you didn't plan. It's not surprising why managing the business consumes so much time.

Zapier automates hundreds of apps so that you can focus on real projects. Automation is a common practice among world-class brands.

If you look at any niche, the most successful websites focus on the value. They automate marketing with platforms like ClickFunnels and Zapier.

They create time to create content, update products, and complete their projects. Wouldn't it be great to automate sales and make money while you sleep?

How To Set Up ClickFunnels And Zapier

Why is it the best software for business people with no time? Everything is automated and barely needs any attention.

With ClickFunnels, you don't have to spend time finding traffic and nurturing leads. The funnel does everything for you. There's no need in follow-ing up leads. The software offers customized service and does it five times better than you.

With Zapier, you simplify all the complex steps involved in a purchase or a message. If a client buys from your ClickFunnels sales pitch, this app can send them an email, place the order on Shopify, and notify you on Slack.

this image shows clickfunnels and zapier

Both Zapier and ClickFunnels integrate other apps, which makes them powerful together. Best of all, you can use Zapier to get the best ClickFunnels features in the basic plan.

If you cannot afford Actionetics for $297, you can pay $97 and integrate Aweber instead. It's an example, but the idea is simple. Integrations give you endless options, so their value is exponential.

Yes, entrepreneurs have more than 24 hours per day. Zapier and ClickFunnels save time on tasks you'd have to do anyway. It's like cloning yourself to speed up the growth of your website.

this image shows clickfunnels + zapier

Did we mention it requires no coding? With no skills, you can spend a few minutes organizing on Zapier and save hours potentially.

ClickFunnels And Zapier For High-Ticket Offers

We've already compared ClickFunnels with CRM software like Pardot. Without this tool, it can be hard to sell high-ticket products. When using Zapier, you can add CRM tools along with ClickFunnels. This combination allows you to scale from tiny offers to the big opportunities.

Although ClickFunnels offers high-conversions, you cannot automate most thousand-dollar offers. But you can use it to build a relationship with your customers. After all, a buyer is more prone to do business again than a new client. Later, Zapier can lead them in the sales process from the funnel to your CRM strategy.

The Bottom Line

The importance of using plugins on your software is tremendous. Depending on your creative skills, you can find combinations that save hours of work. Best of all, ClickFunnels and Zapier work 24/7, rarely make errors, and never rest.

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