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Clickfunnels vs Pardot

This Image shows Clickfunnels vs Pardot

ClickFunnels has become the go-to platform for digital marketers. This software seems to adapt to entrepreneurs of any kind. Marketers like the idea of launching a website within minutes. Others like the fact that funnels make money while you sleep. But is it convenient in all cases?

Past a certain point, ClickFunnels may be ineffective compared to other tools like Pardot. After we contrast both, you will know what software is your best weapon to make sales.

ClickFunnels VS Pardot: Getting Clients

this image shows getting clients

What platform should you use? What makes them different? What if you used both? (Start with a question. Continue talking about purpose)

ClickFunnels and Pardot are two different paths to get more sales. The former is a funnel builder focused on high-conversions while the latter is a CRM tool to orient your sales team. Depending on your business model, the choice will vary dramatically.

ClickFunnels is perfect for digital entrepreneurs because you can automate sales. Later, you can use this free time to improve your funnel and business.

With sales funnels, marketers can track data to know how their clients behave. It's a strategic tool to plan ad campaigns and brand awareness campaigns.

Then, shouldn't everybody use ClickFunnels?

Like everything in marketing, getting a sale requires trust. It's easy to automate a store with ClickFunnels, but it's not so easy with high-ticket offers.

How about B2B companies? It doesn't matter if you are a genius in marketing. No funnel will automatically sell a five-thousand-dollar program. When talking about such numbers, clients want a personalized experience to make a decision.

With CRM software, you will exactly know who to sell and how to do it. Pardot can qualify your leads, assign a score to your contacts, and recommend actions to take. With CRM tools, you can follow-up leads regardless of their stage in the sales process.

The Winner: A draw

What if you want to scale your business?

this image shows scaling your business

Do you want to multiply your income and skyrocket the company?

Linear efforts don't produce exponential results. If you want to scale the business, you will need a tool to automate tasks.

For this purpose, ClickFunnels is the right bet. If you moved your existing business to their platform, you could make the sales process simpler. Some tasks would require less time.

Time is the most valuable resource for an entrepreneur. Automation gives you the freedom to look at the big picture of the company. Although you could delegate using Pardot, ClickFunnels gets results faster.

Pardot can organize data and give the direction, but you would still need to execute the decisions. The funnel program, however, sells your products to customers 24/7 without ever resting.

Funnel builders also beat CRM tools when generating cash-flow. Selling with ClickFunnels is, in essence, a passive income stream. It requires no time other than maintenance, and the money that comes in serves to invest in the business.

The winner: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels VS Pardot: Pricing

When comparing funnel builders with CRM tools, prices change a lot. The software cost will generally grow in proportion to the value you receive.

Sometimes, you can get more than what you spend. ClickFunnels, for example, can be a good fit for professionals who need more time in their careers. The tool offers A/B testing, web-design tools, tracking software, and hours of video training.

Including the mentorship program, ClickFunnels is the best funnel builder for digital marketers. That's why it costs $97 per month, not even mentioning free trials and money-back guarantees.

A beginner can start using ClickFunnels right now, no credit card required. Most entrepreneurs will immediately know if the tool is the right choice for them.

*Salesforce Pardot targets a more advanced group. Pardot is for B2B companies looking to step up their game in business. It aims for result-oriented CEOs who know how to make growth decisions.

You can customize the functions of Pardot based on your needs. It will set the price range from $1250 to $4000 per month. Although the team informs you about the tool, there isn't any trial or guarantee unless you negotiate it.

The winner: ClickFunnels

The Final Decision: ClickFunnels VS Pardot

The decision is quite clear at this point.

Overall, ClickFunnels works better in most situations. If you have a product with demand, it will potentially bring sales to your business. It doesn't matter the approach, niche, or business model.

Although the CRM software requires responsibility, it shouldn't stop beginners from learning more about Pardot. Despite the ClickFunnels pros, the builder has limitations. With Pardot, sales teams can get superior results and improve their closing ratio in high-ticket offers. Also, CRM tools ease follow-ups to convert cold- leads into paying clients.

If your direction is very clear, you may even use both tools. In general, entrepreneurs will find more value in ClickFunnels. It could be training, web-design, or automation features. For most marketers, ClickFunnels is the go-to software to increase conversions in 2020.

for those of you interested in trying out Clickfunnels, along with the free trial, I am offering several unique and highly valuable bonuses that will help you massively as you negotiate the platform.

Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free Mentorship

this image shows my free clickfunnels mentorship

Anyone who signs up to a free Clickfunnels trial using a link on this site will get free lifetime mentorship to help in the funnel building process. You can send messages any time of day and they will be answered promptly.

Clickfunnels bonus #2: Free Converting Funnel

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Clickfunnels Bonus #3: Free Funnel Suite

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Clickfunnels Bonus #4: Free Affiliate Course

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