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Clickfunnels VS. Optimizepress

Should you use ClickFunnels or OptimizePress? What makes one better than the other?

this image shows clickfunnels vs optimizepress

Marketers have broadly used both platforms for years. It doesn't matter your project or business model. With these builders, creators can launch websites within minutes.

For the average entrepreneur, it's almost second nature to use the most popular platform of the moment. It's too easy to choose ClickFunnels without looking further. For example, some marketers will prefer OptimizePress to build their landing pages.

As happens with every tool, the right decision depends on your unique case. What makes ClickFunnels different from OptimizePress?

ClickFunnels VS OptimizePress: Website Creation

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Landing pages are the center of marketing. It's the first impression our clients get. Web design, load speed, and interaction change the way visitors react to your page.

What if you could build pages within ten minutes?

Sometimes, you won't need to change the design. ClickFunnels offers high-conversion templates for any niche or model. You can also find countless templates in OptimizePress. However, only Wordpress websites can use it.

With ClickFunnels, visitors can navigate faster, and it's easier to test pages. Design speed makes ClickFunnels the winner.

If you want to see it yourself, do this short exercise. Build your website in ClickFunnels and make a copy in OptimizePress. Once you launch both of them, copy the links. Google has a tool to measure website performance, SiteSpeed Insights. Use it to analyze both versions and choose the winner.

Content And Training Programs

this image shows clickfunnels training programs

You certainly get better results if you use the most efficient tool. But what's the point of doing so when you don't know how to use their features?

Think of smartphones and computers. Most of us never use more than 20% of their potential. Knowledge is power, but information alone isn't.

When you join ClickFunnels, you instantly have free access to hours of training. You can master the platform by watching their video lessons, not even mentioning the free Youtube material.

Each software has some form of training, including OptimizePress. You can find courses and hire web builders to help you with the project. What sets ClickFunnels apart from other options is the training. Aside from their courses, you receive mentorship from sales-funnel experts. They will coach you to craft a sales page for your niche.

Don't forget the FunnelHacker online community. Here, all the users share ideas with each other to become better marketers. Some contributors share their funnels so that others can use them. That gives ClickFunnels another win.

Can you integrate other software?

this image shows clickfunnels software integrations

Even the most complete tools have their limitations. That's why they include options to combine them with other tools. OptimizePress is powerful by itself and becomes better when combined with other extensions. That's an advantage over ClickFunnels, which is a hosted solution.

In OptimizePress, you have the control and freedom to customize the site. These advanced changes include web design, integrations, and custom coding. If you are looking for a simple concept, ClickFunnels will work better. For some entrepreneurs, it can be distracting to have too many edition options, especially when you don't need them.

Advanced Wordpress marketers will prefer OptimizePress because of design freedom. That makes it the winner in Integration.

ClickFunnels VS OptimizePress: Pricing Comparison

In general, two platforms share similar prices when selling similar software. That's not the case of ClickFunnels and OptimizePress.

There is a reason why millions of marketers use ClickFunnels. It doesn't matter if you choose the Basic or Enterprise plan. Both monthly subscriptions offer countless of bonuses.

Prices range from $97 to $297. Both offer to video-training, templates, and the FunnelHacker Community. Each plan offers a two-week trial, a thirty-day money-back guarantee, and an affiliate-program account to minimize risk.

OptimizePress looks like a cheaper option for Wordpress users. Prices go from $100 to $200 per year, excluding VAT. Once you create an account, you will find the file to install on your website.

Although there is a guarantee, this Wordpress tool has no free trial. You would have to get the program, download from the site, and install it on your website.

Conclusion: ClickFunnels VS OptimizePress

What software is better for your business? It can be hard to decide because we don't know how important each factor is for you.

Expert marketers may want to use OptimizePress because it's flexible and affordable. More than 30% of Internet websites use Wordpress. But when it comes to sales, this page-builder has limitations. To build a funnel, you would need to have the skills to organize complex parts: design, tracking, and automation.

ClickFunnels, however, already includes all the functions. It's a plug-and-play software to create funnels in record time. Plus, there is enough training material to make the most out of it. That makes it the recommended tool for entrepreneurs of any kind. Now, beginner entrepreneurs should still take the time to test both tools.

Regardless of the final decision, both tools are vital in marketing. After all, the biggest risk is to miss the opportunity to improve your business

If you are interested in trying out the free 14 day Clickfunnels trial, I have put together a bonus pack that will help you start building your first funnels fast.

Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free Mentorship

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