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Clickfunnels VS. Mailchimp

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Both Clickfunnels and Mailchimp are platforms used to help business owners develop their businesses.

In this article, you will find in-depth information about both of these platforms, a comparison of Clickfunnels vs Mailchimp and the main uses of both.


this image shows clickfunnels

Clickfunnels facilitates marketing funnels. It helps business owners and entrepreneurs, especially the ones who do not know how to code, to build professional pages in a sales funnel. Thus, their business grows and their sales increase.

The system aids the visitors through the sales process and enables the business owners to keep track of the visitors.

In addition to this, Clickfunnels provides tools such as drag and drop webpage editors, smart shopping cart, e-mail and Facebook marketing automation and a well-organised dashboard.

The website provides intensive information about how to use a funnel for the business owners who are not sure through demo videos.

Moreover, it is also possible to take a quiz to have a more personalised plan with Clickfunnels.

A 14-day free trial is also available.

Constant updates, new templates, high-level security and a support team is offered to customers.

The contract with Clickfunnels is non-binding, meaning that the customers can opt-out anytime they want.


this image shows mailchimp

Mailchimp is a comprehensive online marketing platform. It is focused on web-based e-mail marketing and it enables its users to create newsletters and share it with their audience.

Of course, one can send self-made newsletters via e-mail, but using Mailchimp would be more efficient as it is an approved bulk mailer, because it can send out an unlimited amount of emails.

For security reasons, most of the service providers limit the number of emails that can be sent.

Furthermore, it is very user-friendly and it allows its users to make professional designs whilst creating their campaign.

Although it has monthly plans, it is also possible to use Mailchimp for free. The users who are making use of the services for free have a limit of 12,000 emails they can send out per month. If a user wants to send out emails without worrying about limits, they can choose a pay as you go type of plan or a monthly plan.

Clickfunnels vs. Mailchimp:

This image shows clickfunnels or mailchimp

It is possible to use Mailchimp for free. However, Clickfunnels can only be used for 14-days without paying.

The price of the Standard Package of Mailchimp is $14,99. The monthly plans for Clickfunnels start at $97.

Both Clickfunnels and Mailchimp can be used to create landing pages as they both have ready-made templates and drag and drop editors.

Mailchimp does not have funnel templates or builder.

In fact, this is the main area where these two softwares differ. Clickfunnels includes a ready built funnel builder which will allow you to capture leads, and build funnels in a way that mailchimp simply does not offer.

In addition to templates and editors, Mailchimp also provides analytics and provides campaign reports so that the success of the campaign can be followed.

Clickfunnels offers many elements to make the landing page more attractive, such as videos, surveys and SMS sign-ups.: Clickfunnels offers support team services 24/7 for any troubles users may have.

They also have a YouTube channel in case customers are having trouble with the system.

On the other hand, concerning the free plan, Mailchimp only offers customer support services for the first 30 days.

Both of these programs are very innovative in terms of templates and there are many templates to choose from.


To sum this comparison up, both of these softwares are quite good, however, they are not designed for the same purpose, and as such it is important to know what your needs are before you decide which one to use.

If you want it broken down to absolute basics, Clickfunnels is a full suite funnel builder that has some email marketing capabilities while Mailchimp is designed exclusively around email marketing.

. To sum up, both Clickfunnels and Mailchimp are useful marketing aids, however, they serve at different needs despite some common features. The choice must be made by the company, keeping in mind the cost and the type of service (e-mail marketing or sales funnel).

I personally use both Clickfunnels and an external email software (Getresponse) which is basically the same as Mailchimp. I would recommend that if possible, you use both of these platforms in conjunction with each other.

If you are not able however, you can always get access to both softwares on this site for free and use their respective trial periods to test both and decide which one works better for your business.

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