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Clickfunnels vs Infusionsoft

Is ClickFunnels better than InfusionSoft?

this image shows clickfunnels vs infusionsoft

In 2020, entrepreneurs have a new challenge. As more marketers join the movement, it's more critical to have a competitive advantage. It means creating better products, landing pages, and sales funnels.

But what makes this time different? Why is everyone using either ClickFunnels or InfusionSoft, no matter what niche you look?

Although both tools have their differences, they share the same vision. Both tools make business easy and accessible to us. Could you imagine if these tools weren't available?

Before ClickFunnels, nobody could make it. There were too many variables we didn't control. Those who started a business had to rely on a technical team to code and design for them.

Don't think it limits only to the past. Today, marketers who lack the right software will struggle with competition and complexity in business. Even if you could get through resistance, there is no guarantee it will work.

How long will the project take? Will it work? Why should we invest so much time and energy in an idea that may not work?

Luckily, you won't have to deal with these problems if you are using some of these tools. The reason we compare both is to find your winning strategy for 2020.

It's too risky to start a business without the right software. It's too time-consuming to work without ClickFunnels, and others may be using InfusionSoft to outcompete you. You'll have to reinvent your business anyway, so what will it be?

What's the best software for web design?

This image shows web design

For entrepreneurs, time is money. The faster you move, the sooner you get results. It requires to create prototypes quickly, change features, and test options.

We have started with web design because it's the first impression clients get. If you look at most sales pages, they use ClickFunnels.

Now, this software gives you everything you need to launch a sales funnel within minutes. It includes funnel templates, drag-and-drop tools, and custom-code features. It requires zero skills.

InfusionSoft works as a CRM tool. Although it offers web templates, it centers on automation. Now, the company has rebranded to Keap, and InfusionSoft is one of their products.

The Winner: ClickFunnels

Which one is better to automate marketing tasks?

this image shows automating marketing tasks

ClickFunnels has its place. Marketers can create pages within minutes with the pre-built templates. Although it includes email marketing functions, it has limitations when it comes to advanced features.

With InfusionSoft, you can track any action and be omnipresent in your brand. It's like knowing everything about anything.

Automation empowers entrepreneurs. It reduces costs, creates more time, and makes your approach more strategic.

Imagine if you had a tracking system to know how much customers spend with you. If you have the data, you can see what others won't. They will think you can predict the future.

ClickFunnels doesn't have those functions. However, you can integrate it with Aweber, Clickbank, Twilio, or Stripe. If you combine it with InfusionSoft, you'd have the best of both worlds.

The winner: InfusionSoft – but just barely

Which software is easier to use?

These companies target different audiences. ClickFunnels may have a wider audience, but InfusionSoft works better for tech-oriented B2B companies.

If you are a beginner, you will need some training to use the CRM tool. Most InfusionSoft users hire professionals to save time.

As for ClickFunnels, the message is more direct. The interface is user-friendly and self-explanatory. The plan includes a video course in case you need some training.

All you need is an idea, a client, a funnel, and ten minutes of your time.

Because of its simplicity, anybody can do it.

The winner: ClickFunnels

Which tool offers the best pricing?

this image shows clickfunnels vs infusionsoft pricing

When it comes to features, both tools offer a monthly subscription with fair prices. InfusionSoft makes smart use of pricing based on your company size. They sell seven different plans to adapt to your needs, going anywhere from $80 to $304 per month.

ClickFunnels offers the Startup Plan for $97 and the Entreprise for $297. For such a price, you can expect the best funnel builder of 2020 and lots of bonuses.

Although InfusionSoft is cheaper at times, you would have to hire a CRM expert. The ClickFunnels Membership Site gives everything you will ever need for less than $297.

Now, how about the risk factor? What if you don't get the value of it? What if it's not for you?

New entrepreneurs may want to try more ideas before committing to a business. That's why ClickFunnels minimizes the risk for them with trials, discounts, and affiliate programs.

Unlike InfusionSoft, you can get a two-week trial of ClickFunnels for free right now. If it's not of your fit, you can back up your work and export it before you leave.

The Winner: ClickFunnels

The decision. ClickFunnels VS InfusionSoft

The final choice will depend mostly on small details and preferences. Based on our comparison, ClickFunnels seems to be the best choice.

this image shows clickfunnels vs infusionsoft comparison

However, there is no wrong answer here. Those who look for CRM automation will prefer InfusionSoft. For marketing strategy, ClickFunnels is a clear winner. Some advanced marketers prefer working with both tools for more functions.

If you don't know where to start, ClickFunnels is often the right choice. There's a reason why you hear millions of success stories and why ClickFunnels is the winner in this battle.

If You are interested in getting a clickfunnels account, I have put together a package of bonuses on top of the free trial that will really help you get started strong with your funnels.

Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free Clickfunnels Mentorship

this image shows my free mentorship program

When you sign up to Clickfunnels, you will automatically get free mentorship to help you get your funnels going. Ask anything and you will get a response asap.

Clickfunnels Bonus #2: Free Funnel Suite

this image shows the Clickfunnels free funnel suite

When you sign up for the Clickfunnels trial, you will get instant access to a suite of free funnels created by the likes of Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Russell Brunson.

Clickfunnels Bonus #3: Free Converting Funnel

this image shows the free clickfunnels converting sharefunnel

You will get the funnel that I have personally used to get better than a 60% conversion rate on email signups and lead gen offers. (Industry average is about 20%

Clickfunnels Bonus #4: Free Clickfunnels Course

this image shows the free clickfunnels affiliate course

You can also get a free copy of my Clickbank minicourse that will help you to set up your first profitable business in under an hour

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