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Clickfunnels VS. Hubspot

ClickFunnels and Hubspot have become the go-to platforms of digital marketing. From sales funnels to CRM, they have changed the way we do business in 2020.

Today, entrepreneurs can use these tools to automate sales and close more clients. It also means they will perform better than other marketers.

But what happens to the ones who aren't using ClickFunnels or HubSpot yet?

There is a problem when it comes to competition. People who use this software get an unfair advantage compared to those who don't. In most niches, these platforms are the recommended conditions to catch up, not even mentioning to thrive.

There's no doubt both tools will grow your business. The decision will depend on utility and preference. In other words, what results are you looking to get?

After we answer that question, you can make the right choice for your business.

ClickFunnels VS HubSpot

The better the platforms are, the more difficult it is to compare them. We've chosen ClickFunnels and Hubspot because they generally adapt to any entrepreneur. Both offer brilliant solutions to manage your business.

We look to answer three questions:

1. Who is the best fit for each platform?

2. How easy are they to use?

3. What's the total value you get from their subscriptions?

ClickFunnels is perfect for entrepreneurs who have a product and a defined audience. With HubSpot, you can create your own marketing strategy and connect it to any other software.

Acquiring Customers With Sales Pages

this image shows acquiring customers

Clients are the essence of a business. It's also an indicator of your success as an entrepreneur. Then, how do you get clients in the first place? Although you need a product to sell to others, customers will only buy from sellers they trust.

Customer acquisition goes through different stages. From awareness to conversion, our method is to add value to others. We do it by creating landing pages, lead magnets, and sales pages.

As you can imagine, it can be complex to connect all those pieces. Luckily, you can keep it simple using the drag-and-drop tool of ClickFunnels.

With no skills, you can use their templates to launch sales pages within ten minutes. It doesn't matter what business model you apply.

You can use Hubspot to optimize your sales funnels. With this software, you can automate any aspect of inbound marketing. It will regulate your email sequences, SEO, and social media based on data.

Although Hubspot adds many features, its purpose is not funnel-building. The winner is ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels VS Hubspot: Usability

this image shows clickfunnels vs hubspot usability

Both tools target marketers, from beginner to advanced. People widely use Hubspot and ClickFunnels because they are simple. The software is easy to use and barely requires any training.

Both tools include video-lesson courses for extra training. You can set up your funnels fast, even if you never designed a website before.

Hubspot offers multiple functions. It's an effective way to automate your marketing campaigns without spending hours on them.

The developers designed Hubspot to adapt it to other tools. It's the most flexible software in the market and hence used by millions in business.

Hubspot wins in usability, but just barely.

ClickFunnels And HubSpot Cost

this image shows clickfunnels vs hubspot

When it comes to price, both websites make the right offer for entrepreneurs. There are starter plans for beginners and testers. For advanced features, the pricing changes as you customize your plan.

ClickFunnels ranges from $97 to $297 per month.

The starter pack includes everything you will need to launch the product and get the first sales. You could also get it for free using the two-week trial.

You can build unlimited pages with ClickFunnels Platinum. A coach will mentor you to build the perfect funnel, not even mentioning the hours of exclusive training and courses.

Hubspot also has interesting choices. Your plan could be Free, Starter, Professional, or Enterprise. With the free version, you can test the basics of Hubspot. Prices vary a lot from the free version to the high-ticket offers.

Remember, both tools target entrepreneurs from all stages. The pricing aims to fit any condition. That's why ClickFunnels and Hubspot offer free trials for all their plans. It's free to test, there is no risk, and no credit card required.

The Verdict: ClickFunnels VS HubSpot

World-class clients have used both tools in the business. Rather than comparing quality, we should guide them by their purpose.

ClickFunnels will be the best choice for starters. Hubspot is the right software to boost your existing website.

With Hubspot, you can automate entire marketing campaigns. You can also integrate it on ClickFunnels for better results.

Although their plans offer flexible options, some HubSpot features may be unnecessary for starters.

In both cases, it's risk-free to test both platforms. The final decision will depend on your preference and attention to detail.

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