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Clickfunnels vs. Getresponse: Automated Marketing Battle

Are you building an email marketing campaign, funnel website, or ecom brand?

But you are having a hard time deciding which marketing software will best fit your needs?

Well, in this simple, comprehensive article, I will be explaining the benefits and disadvantages of each as well as which software is best for each scenario so that you can choose the right option for both yourself and your business.

What Is Each Platform Designed To Do?

Clickfunnels is an all in one purpose built funnel builder that is designed to build world class sales funnels and sales webpages that convert on a wide variety of audiences.

Although it does integrate email marketing directly into it's ecosystem, it is designed much more as a funnel builder and website builder than a direct email marketing software.

I personally think of it more as an email collection and sales software more than an email marketing software.

With that being said, it does still have a reasonable email marketing capability, this is just not it's strong point.

Getresponse on the other hand was originally designed as a pure email marketing software, and this is where it excells.

Creating email workflows, and integrating email lists on Getresponse is an absolute breeze, and Getresponse does allow you to build funnels, and webpages as well.

However, contrary to Clickfunnels, Getresponse is much more geared towards email marketing, and as somewhat less adept at creating the actual webpages and funnels.

Clickfunnels Vs. Getresponse Features

Now lets compare some of the features between these two compaines

Please note that this is absolutely not a complete list, but rather a summary designed to give you an idea of what each software is best at.

Clickfunnels Features

this image shows clickfunnels features

- 1. A/B split testing

- 2. Amazing funnel templates

- 3. Email Integration

- 4. Custom Order Pages

- 5. upsell downsell pages

- 6. Share Templates with friends

- 7. Integration with tons of tools

- 8. Actionetics autoresponder

- 9. And many, many more!

GetResponse Fearures

this image shows getresponse features

- 1. Advanced Analytics

- 2. Autoresponder

- 3. CRM

- 4. Run Webinars

- 5. Mobile App Workplace

- 6. Landing Page Templates

- 7. Email Automation

- 8. Much More

What Types of Businesses Can Use These Programs?

Both Clickfunnels and Getresponse can be used with any business. This is because both softwares are extremely adept at creating a variety of helpful content that can improve the marketing efforts of any business.

Getresponse price starts at $15 making it the cheapest option (If that matters to you), and Clickfunnels starts at $97, albeit for a much more advanced plan.

Which is more beginner friendly?

Although both softwares are relatively easy to use, the Clickfunnels bonus is that it uses a simple drag and drop editor which is easier to learn for newbies than the majority of options used by Getresponse

While it is also good, Getresponse has been known to suffer from a few issues when it comes to new users as some have accidentally deleted pages, and it can he difficult to change themes without having to redo previously created content.

Do you need to have mobile capabilities?

While it is supported by nearly all browsers on most mobile devices, Clickfunnels does not have a mobile app, meaning that it does not have the mobile diversity that Getresponse enjoys.

You can use the website on mobile devices, so this should not be a defining trait.

Clickfunnels Vs. Getresponse Pricing

Clickfunnels: $97-$297:

this image shows the clickfunnels plan pricing

Getresponse $15-$1199:

this image shows the getresponse plan pricing

Final Verdict:

If you want to collect emails and build an email list, the best choice is Getresponse.

If you want to get an all in 1 business solution, then Clickfunnels is the option for you.

Both of these softwares have free trials, so I recommend that you try both to see which one is best for you.

If I had to choose one, however, it would be Clickfunnels because Clickfunnels is the best all in 1 solution by a great deal.

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