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Clickfunnels vs Convertkit (And Which One Will Make Your Company Tons of Money)

ClickFunnels or ConvertKit?

this image shows clickfunnels vs convertkit

Marketers want to sell to as many clients as they can. If you want to increase conversions, you may need a funnel.

But even with the best sales system, you still need to get traffic from somewhere. Do you do SEO? Social media curation? Content marketing? Ads? A combination of everything?

When it comes to free methods, it has become harder to acquire customers. There's more competition. Most people use the same tactics.

Getting people's attention is a challenge. It's even more complicated to keep them engaged. If you use paid traffic, it means high expenses.

The best way to market in 2020 is by using email lists. You use the people who trust you to sell your products and promote the brand. Once your list is big enough, the following does the marketing itself.

this image shows clickfunnels email marketing

Convertkit is perfect for email marketing. Clickfunnels works better for sales funnels. Which one should you choose? How to prioritize?

Starting your online business

The best model to start is a cash-flow business. Create a passive business that sells high-ROI products and keep expenses low. Invest time in inbound marketing and advertising.

this image shows starting your online business with clickfunnels

In short, you need to get your business ready as fast as possible. It's vital to have everything in one place so you can launch quickly and test your product. As an all-in-one software, Clickfunnels wins.

The problem with Convertkit is you only set email marketing. You can make money with Clickfunnels, but you won't with Convertkit unless you combine it with something else.

Emails won't sell the products themselves. Clients still need a landing page, a product funnel, and follow-ups. If you are going to spend money on tools, choose whichever offers the most value.

The Winner: Clickfunnels.

Following-up on leads

this image shows convertkit following up on leads

Subscribers need CTAs and sales pages to move in the funnel. Before that, they need to join your email list AND stay there.

If your sales funnel is amazing, but nobody visits it, there's no point.

With Convertkit, you can manage email marketing to boost conversions. It will personalize emails so we can nurture leads, remove inactive subscribers, and make people take action.

ClickFunnels has an email tool, Actionetics. However, it's available on the Platinum Plan, $297 per month. Under 1K subscribers, Convertkit is $29 per month.

Of course, you don't pay ten times more only for the email tool. There's a ton of training and bonuses included. If you wanted to choose Clickfunnels, you could integrate free email tools, such as MailChimp.

Since we are only comparing Clickfunnels, Convertkit gets the advantage.

The Winner: ConvertKit

Customizing your follow-ups

this image shows customizing follow ups with clickfunnels

Despite the automation features, Convertkit has limited design features. Most email tools include templates to improve email open-rate. With this tool, you can only add text and images.

In ClickFunnels, we use follow-up templates for our emails. It makes them look professional and make more people visit the website. You can add buttons, backgrounds, and contact information.

If you want to save time, you can use Clickfunnels templates. You can A/B test emails to find the high-converting format.

Convertkit works better for automation. But not for custom email lists.

When you enter your email in an opt-in, the marketer subscribes you to multiple lists. Updates, promotions, daily content, and so on. If you unsubscribe from one list, you are still on the other ones.

With Convertkit, it unsubscribes from everything. Once a person leaves your list, there's no way to follow-up on them. Which is a problem.

The Winner: ClickFunnels

Comparing Pricing And Value

Clickfunnels and Convertkit start at $97 and $25 per month.

this image shows convertkit price plan

this image shows clickfunnels price plan

Both plans scale with size. It means you get most of the features on the cheapest plans. However, large websites will need to upgrade.

For $297, Clickfunnels unlocks unlimited funnels, emails, and page visits. Convertkit ranges from $25 to $79, from 1K to 5K subscribers. Both brands accept custom plans for larger companies.

If your goal is to make money fast, you can do it with ClickFunnels. Convertkit requires other tools, such as web builders and sales software.

The Winner: ClickFunnels

The Bottom Line

For the beginner entrepreneur, Convertkit doesn't make sense. You spend on an email tool for a business that may or may not work. Especially when not having an email list yet.

With Clickfunnels, you can sell from day one. In ten minutes, your funnel is ready to launch and engage visitors. Needless to say, both platforms have trials and guarantees. They don't make money until you do.

Convertkit is smart for marketers looking to expand their email list. If you have an existing website with traffic, it's the fastest solution. For general cases, Clickfunnels is the ultimate business software.

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