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Clickfunnels Pricing (Free Bonuses Included)

Software: Clickfunnels

Owner: Russel Brunson

# Plans: 2

Price: $97 Standard, $297 Premium

Rating: 5/5

this image shows Clickfunnels Cost

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is the world's first full suite all in one marketing option featuring drag and drop landing page editors alongside a fully functional email automation tool.

Perfect for both beginner and advanced marketers alike, Clickfunnels features competitive pricing along with a variety of industry leading features

Clickfunnels Pricing: What Does Clickfunnels Cost?

Depending on what plan you choose to purchase, Clickfunnels Cost can vary widely from $97 to $297. Both of these options include a free 14 day risk free trial so that you can see if the software is right for you

Here is a quick Clickfunnels cost chart that will show you just exactly what you are getting for the price:

this image shows Clickfunnels pricing plan

As you can see, Clickfunnels offers a wide variety of features that can not be found in a single comprehensive software anywhere else on the internet.

You may be awestruck by the seemingly massive difference in the price and number of features offered by the Etison suite version compared to the standard version.

Take this seemingly huge difference with a grain of salt, because most marketers don't actually need any of the additional features offered by the more expensive Clickfunnels Pricing Plan.

I would certainly say that for the majority of you, the basic version of Clickfunnels should be more than sufficient.

Basic Clickfunnels Features:

The basic version of Clickfunnels features the following features:

- Up to 20 funnels

- Up to 100 pages

- Up to 20000 visitors per month

- 3 custom domains

- A/B split tests

- Custom email integrations

- Optin funnels

- Clickpops

- Clickoptin

- All advanced funnels

- Sales funnels

- Membership Funnels

- Unlimited Members

- Auto Webinar Funnels

- Webinar Funnels

- Hangout Funnels

- Order pages

- Upsell pages

- Downsell pages

- Share Funnels

When put together, these features alone make for one of the best all in one funnel building softwares available for any price. And at just $97 that really isn't bad at all.

In fact, I personally use this plan as it includes all of the features that I need, and Clickfunnels pricing is the best that I have found for what they offer.

Premuim Clickfunnels Pricing:

Now for those of you looking to really go all out, there is Clickfunnels Premium.

As previously stated, Clickfunnels Premium costs $297. I am going to be totally honest with you when I say that, dollar for dollar, this plan is not on the same level as Clickfunnels basic.

I am not going to re-list all of the features for Premium, but if you are interested you can find them in the chart above.

However, it is still well worth the money for 2 reasons.

Firstly it gives you in house email marketing capabilities meaning that you can do full email marketing campaigns inside of the same software where you build your funnels and landing pages.

Secondly, and more importantly, it gives you access to a service called Clickfunnels Actionetics.

Clickfunnels actionetics is a smart software that can allow you to target your customers more effectively and efficiently than any other software I have ever used.

It basically uses a customers information to custom target them and send them to offers that have the best chance of converting them.

If you are interested, I have a whole article written about it that you can find here

Clickfunnels Pricing Conclusion:

Personally, I would say that if you are a beginner to intermediate marketer, the basic option will more than likely be perfectly adequate for your needs. It's drag and drop editors, and easy to understand interface will make your marketing a breeze and allow you to make much more money than the majority of the competition.

If you are a more experienced marketer, or simply want the additional options featured in the premium plan, you certainly will not be disappointed. Clickfunnels premium is one of the better if not the best all in one marketing softwares available anywhere.

Having trouble deciding between these two plans?

Don't know if Clickfunnels is right for your business?

You can try out either of the plans for free, at no risk by using the free 14 day Clickfunnels trial.

Best of all, I have personally put together a package of free bonuses that will help you exponentially in your Clickfunnels journey!

Clickfunnels Bonus #1 Free Clickfunnels Mentorship

this image shows my free Clickfunnels mentorship program

For anyone that signs up to Clickfunnels using the links on this site, you will be getting free lifetime mentorship. That means you can email me anytime with whatever questions or concerns that you may have, and I will respond to you as soon as I am able

Clickfunnels Bonus #2: Free Funnel Suite

This image shows Clickfunnels Free Funnels

Want access to sales funnels created by Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, and Russel Brunson? The Clickfunnels funnel suite gives you access to hundreds of pre built funnels meaning that there will be something for you no matter what your niche!

Clickfunnels Bonus #3: Custom Lead Capture Funnel

this image shows the free CLickfunnels funnel

Get your hands on this amazing lead capture funnel that has been getting a scorching hot 60% conversion rate on email leads! ( Industry standard is 20% and this bonus is only available for a limited time, so you'd better pick it up quick!)

Clickfunnels Bonus #4: Free Affiliate Minicourse

this is my free clickfunnels affiliate minicourse

You will also get access to my free affiliate minicourse complete with video content! Get your first affiliate business up and running in minutes with these easy to use techniques!

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