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Clickfunnels for Real Estate

Is ClickFunnels the right tool for real estate? Here's how this software has helped realtors close more deals than any other tool.

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ClickFunnels is everywhere. You see it in Google, sales pages, social media, and also e-commerce. Entrepreneurs who use it can automate tasks and make selling easier, including realtors.

Now, you probably won't sell properties overnight. The client still needs someone to guide them through the process and adapt to one's needs.

Luckily, ClickFunnels can provide others the right information. It will nurture the relationship and increase your conversions dramatically.

Why Should We Use ClickFunnels?

There's a simple rule when dealing with real estate clients: never expect them to get in touch with you. The more you follow-up, the better the deal will go.

But when do you know when to stop and when to continue? Most realtors fail not because they sell too much, but because they didn't follow-up enough to acquire the client in the first place.

In real estate, it's vital to know your client. Depending on need, urgency, and money, clients may change their minds. Some deals may take a month, and others may take years. How do you know what to do in each case?

The first thing you should do is work in as many deals as possible. At the same time, creating relationships leads to more business opportunities.

But who wants to do all that work for such distant rewards? That's where ClickFunnels comes in.

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ClickFunnels Makes Real Estate Simple

This funnel building software can automate most sales stages, saving you time and energy. It constantly analyzes your leads, classifies them by funnel stages, and offers customized service.

Best of all, ClickFunnels helps realtors to know everything about their clients. From here, you can use any inbound marketing tactic to create connections.

Of course, you can't automate 100% of the sale. Some realtors integrate CRM software to expand the ClickFunnels Features. The upfront cost is nothing compared to the opportunities you will get.

The Realtor Paradox: Why ClickFunnels Is The Only Choice

It's easy to say that you should get more deals. But how do you achieve that?

Remember that clients value high-quality service. The more clients you have, the more you divide your time among them. To prevent this from happening, automate marketing with ClickFunnels. You won't be so busy and have time to serve clients the way they deserve.

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Follow Back With ClickFunnels

After you close the deal, it's almost second nature to think that the work is over. If you want to close more properties, following up past clients is as crucial as getting new ones.

Look at the further consequences. We all know that a recent buyer is not looking for homes anymore. However, he can refer you to other people if you keep the relationship.

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The same applies to non-buyers! Someone may reject you and still recommend you potential clients due to your credibility. With ClickFunnels, you can follow up on your connections and get more opportunities than ever.

ClickFunnels For Exit Surveys

As we mentioned, many salespeople give up on the deal before presenting it enough times. Statistics show you should show the offer at least five times before changing plans.

But what if someone doesn't want to buy at all? Get to the cause. If you find the objection, you will prevent it from repeating in the future. There's no need to guess it. When a client rejects the offer, make an "exit survey" so you can improve your service.

Did they talk to the right person? Have they seen the down-sell offers? How long do they know you? What brought them here in the first place? These questions will help you acquire more customers and make better decisions as a realtor.

Wrapping Up

When real estate agents are too busy managing different deals, they don't offer clients the best service. ClickFunnels takes care of follow-ups and automates marketing for them, so they become better professionals.

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Sales funnels are effective in driving traffic and running events. When it comes to real estate properties, CRM tools may be more practical than ClickFunnels. Luckily, you can integrate apps to expand the features.

ClickFunnels is helping realtors to manage more deals at once and increase their closing ratios.

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