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Clickfunnels for Real Estate

Are you a realtor looking to land new real estate clients in 2020?

this image shows clickfunnels for realtors

With every passing year, more and more people are moving online in their search for their next property.

This is why it is absolutely essential that realtors create an online presence, and start collecting leads via a website, or funnel.

The days of being able to cold call a group of customers in an attempt to set up a showing are nearing an end. Let's face it, as people become more and more used to bright visuals passing through their social media feed, and the convenience of being able to send and recieve simple easy to read text messages, the old ways of doing real estate sales are just losing their effectiveness.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an all in one digital marketing software that can truly take your marketing to the next level. It combines a landing page builder along with a funnel builder and email marketing software as well as Actionetics to create what is perhaps the most versatile marketing software in existence.

You truly can create an amazing marketing campaign using this software.

Building a funnel is an absolutely essential part of any business, because it allows that business to capture leads, and build custom marketing campaigns around individual groups of customers.

Clickfunnels features drag and drop builders for nearly every feature meaning that building out your online presence has never been any easier!

How Can You Use Clickfunnels For Real Estate?

Creating a great online presence is often thought of as being difficult and tedious. However, if done correctly, it is not difficult at all. That is why I have broken it down into three simple steps for you.

Step 1. Build a Landing Page

this image shows clickfunnels for realtors

A funnel is useless without a landing page to draw traffic to it. That is why Clickfunnels includes one of the best landing page builders on the internet.

Your landing page should contain information such as a short bio about the company/realtor that it is representing (How long you have been working as an agent, your hobbies/enjoyments, etc). Just some personal stuff to make clients feel welcome and get them to like you since you will not be talking to them in person.

It should also contain pictures and short descriptions of a few of your top listings, while additional properties can be included in subsequent pages.

It should be somewhat simple, and visually appealing as the branding that a potential client sees upon entering your website can be just as important as the actual content of the website itself.

Once you are accustomed to the Clickfunnels builder, it should take you no longer than a few minutes to get your landing pages up and running.

You should also build a form into the page that allows potential clients to set up viewing times for properties, or times that they can meet with you to discuss plans.

Step 2. Building Your Funnel

this image shows a realtor sales funnel

Once you have your landing page/pages up and running, you next need to build in a call to action. This usually comes in the form of links attached to pictures, or clickthrough buttons. Regardless of what call to action that you decide to use, it is imperative that you make it obvious so that customers know how to get to the first step of your funnel.

I also recommend that you offer a small free item to entice them into entering your funnel. This can be something as simple as a catalog, or free showing. It just needs to be a small piece of free content to get them into your next funnel step.

Once in your funnel, I recommend re-emphasizing the value of your free offer, and using a popup to collect the client's email address and other information such as their name. This is the most important part of the process because getting their email address gives you full marketing access to them for as long as they own that email account.

Once you have collected the customer's email address in your Clickfunnels Funnel, it is important that you send them on to a thank you page. This helps to ensure customer happiness, and continues to build a positive feeling around you and your brand. This page should also be simple and precise.

Step 3: Further Marketing

this image shows real estate email marketing

Now that you have acquired the person's email address, it is imperative that you connect with them immediately. That is why I recommend setting up an autoresponder in either Clickfunnels, or Getresponse so that you don't waste a minute not connecting with customers.

Studies have shown that decreased focus times have led to a large decrease in interest over short periods of time meaning that an immediate email from you can mean the difference between a customer, and a dead lead.

As you structure your first email, I recommend that you re-introduce yourself, while also giving them a return email address that they can use to contact you as well as a link to set up an appointment with you (Can be the page that you built in the beginning).

After sending your email, I recommend setting up an autoresponder for every day in the first week after a customer signs up to your list. This will assure that even if some of your emails go to spam, a few will make it through to the customer.

If you are interested in checking out Clickfunnels, you can get started with a free 14 day trial as well as a free bonus package which I have put together for you located down below.

Clickfunnels Bonuses

Clickfunnels Bonus #1: Free Mentorship

this image shows my free clickfunnels real estate mentoring

Need Advice, or help with your funnels? You can contact me 24/7 and I will give you free help for the life of your account!

Clickfunnels Bonus #2 Free Funnel Suite

this image shows the clickfunnels free funnel suite

When you sign up to Clickfunnels, you get access to a great suite of funnels which include options created by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Russell Brunson, and Grant Cardone!

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