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Clickfunnels for Bloggers

Can bloggers make money with ClickFunnels?

It's almost second nature for bloggers to jump into content creation. It's too easy to write a blog without thinking of marketing.

Content is king. Higher quality will ensure that your website is good.

Good for who? Exactly.

It's not useful to create content without intention, expecting others to come. It's neither enough to spend your time promoting and reduce your content quality.

Writers suck at marketing. Marketers suck at writing. ClickFunnels gets the best of both.

ClickFunnels For Bloggers: Make A Huge Income From Home

this image shows clickfunnels for bloggers

Bloggers have many tools to monetize the website. The question is, how do you get started from scratch?

With ClickFunnels, it's easy to get traffic AND conversions. By conversions, we mean...

...subscription-based websites

...PPC advertising

... exclusive newsletters

... premium guide or ebook

These are some examples. Once the blog is running, you can find creative ways to add value.

ClickFunnels has templates for all these options. You can create sequences and build a funnel for your blog. If you need traffic, there are lead funnels.

How Should Bloggers Use ClickFunnels?

Each blog should follow a different method, depending on the progress made. Here is exactly to develop it.

#1 A blog with no traffic

How do you start as a new blogger? Although you need some content, marketing will be the biggest challenge.

You should create a showcase of around twenty pieces of content. We talk about bloggers, but it could be videos, social media posts, or emails.

Once you have the foundation, start promoting. Use the methods mentioned before to generate traffic.

this image shows clickfunnels blog

You can use curated content to get new visitors. Essentially, you go to competitor's blogs and interact with their readers. The key is to help them with useful information, or at least figure out what topics they care about.

Then, there's influencer marketing, which can bring traffic overnight. Although it may cost money, you can find other ways to compensate them.

For example, ask an influencer for a wisdom quote for your article. If you ask them to share it and they like it, you get traffic for free.

#2 A blog with traffic but no conversions

Talking of influencers. Many content creators get millions of views while ignoring their income potential. How can you turn your followers into dollars?

ClickFunnels has your back. It offers countless models to monetize your blog. You only have to choose which one fits your blog.

A good blogger knows how to engage the reader and inspire them to take action. If you are one of them, it makes selling a lot easier.

Don't expect readers to sign in your program immediately. Instead, use a sales funnel.

this image shows blogging sales funnel

Luckily, most funnels base on email marketing. Use the copywriting skills you use in your blog for your emails, and start generating leads.

Lead funnels are a must for bloggers. It allows us to "save" an email list and create an audience. Otherwise, you would have to look for traffic every time you post something.

With ClickFunnels, you can build this email list. Whenever you need traffic, you send an email to your list, and thousands of followers will respond.

Remember, readers only stay subscribed if they keep getting value. Use ClickFunnels to create a smart email sequence. The more you follow-up on your readers, the easier it is to grow as a blogger.

#3 A blog with huge traffic and email list

Once you get momentum, it starts to get interesting. Apart from automation, ClickFunnels will help to scale your blog and grow it exponentially.

However, it takes time to manage a large website, especially when people look at you as an authority. How can you keep creating success without having to be there all the time?

this image shows good blog funnel

Good news. You can automate nearly 90% of your content creation tasks. When it comes to email marketing, this software will track your leads and deliver the right emails.

If you ever want to delegate content creation, think of ClickFunnels Platinum. You'll get three user accounts, so your team can work on the blog when you are away.

The Bottom Line

Starting a blog shouldn't be a big deal. While others look at blogging as a tough business model, it's not the case when doing things right. Plus, we have ClickFunnels to get things done faster than ever.

If you are interested in trying out Clickfunnels to go along with your blog, feel free to take advantage of our free bonuses including a free 14 day trial, as well as the following

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With the free Clickfunnels bonus suite, you get free access to one of the largest collections of free funnels available anywhere online. You will never be at a loss when searching for a funnel ever again!

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