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ClickFunnels for B2B Business

How can B2B businesses close more clients? ClickFunnels automates lead generation and nurturing to help you focus on what matters.

B2B companies help other businesses be more efficient. It usually consists of an expert team or software. When managed well, opportunities are limitless.

But B2Bs face a problem when acquiring customers. They spend months, if not years, perfecting their service. They may work with some clients while promoting the brand.

But how do they scale? What keeps them stuck in business?

Exposing The Riskiest B2B Trap

There's a reason why B2Bs cannot afford not to work without ClickFunnels.

Here's the strategy flaw:

Let's assume you do everything perfect, from product creation to marketing. You quickly start getting clients.

But there are only so many members who can work on lead generation, nurturing, and selling. If your resources allow working with a hundred clients, getting more would reduce your quality service.

Companies start losing clients as soon as quality reduces. As a result, the business never gets more clients than it can manage, even if you do everything perfectly.

this image shows losing leads

Then, what's the cause, and how does ClickFunnels solve it?

How many times have you followed-up on leads with no business opportunity? Managing leads can be inefficient and steals time from clients who do need your help.

ClickFunnels takes care of the leads in your sales process. You can focus on sales calls while the software does the marketing part. Now, you can raise your service quality and work with more clients at the same time.

How has ClickFunnels helped B2B Businesses?

ClickFunnels automates lead generation and nurturing. It will filter your contacts and follow-up on them, increasing sales opportunities.

You will only get phone call requests from people who pass your pre-qualification process. By the time you get in touch with them, they will have educated about the brand. They believe you can help them, so you just complete the sales process.

this image shows clickfunnels b2b opportunities

But what happens to the ones who didn't convert? As long as they show some interest, ClickFunnels will follow-up on them. That could turn them into warm leads, even months after they join your list.

How To Launch Your Sales Funnel Right Now

The best of ClickFunnels it's the simplicity. It's fast, requires no training, and is inexpensive compared to the opportunities you will create.

To save time, ClickFunnels offers hundreds of B2B templates. You can choose one after you register and overwrite them. We've seen companies launch their funnels within ten minutes.

Now, how do you get traffic for the funnel?

You could use paid ads to get visitors fast. Remember that you will need to add value later if you want to create trust. If you get traffic with content marketing, this barrier will be much lower.

Although content isn't as fast as paid ads, it gets traffic and creates trust at the same time. If you choose paid traffic, an email sequence can solve this issue.

Here, you can shortcut lead generation if you have tracked their Lifetime Value.

this image shows b2b email marketing

How long does the average subscriber stay? How much do they spend with you at that time?

With ClickFunnels, you can track any action others take inside your business. The email sequence is customized by funnel stages, so people find the right information at the right time.

Lastly, you can boost lead generation with opt-in pages. Show others what you can do for them so that they subscribe to the email list. Webinars, calculators, and checklists are good opt-in offers to start using.

What's The Real Cost Of ClickFunnels?

B2B businesses use a strategic approach to make decisions. That's why we'll look at ClickFunnels beyond the price and features.

How much does it cost? It goes from $97 to $297 per month. The good news is it barely needs any management. Once you set up the funnel, it will work 24 hours a day without ever resting.

Best of all, it can integrate your existing software. Rather than replacing it, you combine it to make it more powerful.

In a few words, the ClickFunnels software solves three problems.

It automates lead generation. You use this time to save to close more clients.It follows-up on every lead so that you don't have to. It rescues cold leads and turns them into potential clients.It allows B2B companies to work with more clients, which involves more profits.

If you want to try Clickfunnels for free with your B2B business, you can take advantage of the free 14 day Clickfunnels trial. We also offer a "Bonus Package" of content that should help you get started with Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Bonus #1 Free CLickfunnels Mentorship/Help

this image shows our free CLickfunnels mentorship programme

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Clickfunnels Bonus #2 Free Share Funnel

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Clickfunnels Bonus #3 Free Funnel Suite

this image shows part of the free clickfunnels funnel suite

Want access to one of the largest suites of free funnels available anywhere across the internet? With Clickfunnels free funnel suite, you instantly get access to one of the largest suites of free funnels available anywhere online with funnels by the likes of Russel Brunson, Grant Cardone, and many more!

Clickfunnels Bonus #4 Free Affiliate Minicourse

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