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ClickFunnels And Shopify - Power Pairing

Do you have hundreds of products but no sales? All you need now is a funnel.

Integrate Clickfunnels and start making money today.

In e-commerce, you will find two main problems. You either get no traffic or no sales. You've created this huge online store and found your ideal customer, but there's still no sales.

What seems to be the problem?

Most marketers mislook the business process. They think they're done once they launch their website. In reality, your work starts the moment your store is live.

How Can You Get More Sales?

this image shows getting sales

It doesn't matter how good your products have. If nobody can find it, there is no use. Luckily, you only need a client, a product, and a funnel.

After choosing a niche, sellers may use software like Shopify to launch their products. For marketing, they may use ClickFunnels.

The bad news is these tools are not powerful alone. When you create your ClickFunnels account, you need the most expensive plan to get the best features. Also, a store built with Shopify doesn't guarantee sales.

But it doesn't have to be this way. On ClickFunnels Basic, you can integrate Shopify to get the best of both worlds. It helps entrepreneurs automate the business, increase sales, and manage the store anywhere anytime.

3 Steps To Connect ClickFunnels And Shopify

To integrate Shopify, you need to create both accounts, connect the app, and link products to your funnels.

When registering, you can choose any plan you wish. You can also integrate when using discounts and free trials. For marketers, it costs less to get both tools than buying ClickFunnels Platinum.

What do you get with this integration? Every time someone orders in ClickFunnels, it will send the shipping info to Shopify.

Once you create both accounts, you can link them. Go to the Account Menu tab of ClickFunnels and click Integrations. Select Add New Integration and find Shopify.

Enter your Shopify Store link, and there will appear a Log In Pop Up. Once you log into your Shopify Account, you complete the process.

Now that we've done the work, all that's left is the products. When you click Add Product on ClickFunnels, you can select Shopify in the Shipping tab. Check the box and select your product in the form.

You can add this product to any funnel, and it will connect to Shopify.

Why Using ClickFunnels And Shopify?

Before doing this, it's smart to question whether you need to do it in the first place. Should you do it at all?

When combining both platforms, you get four advantages.

Automation features. Shopify manages your inventory while ClickFunnels automates sales. Both help us automate the online store and save much more time.

this image shows shopify automation

Affordable. For $97, ClickFunnels offers the only sales software you will ever need. With Shopify, you can manage the store at $29 per month. If you use Lite, it costs $9 per month.

this image shows affordable price

Accessible. Unlike ClickFunnels, Shopify has a mobile app. Now, you can manage your store anywhere anytime.

this gif shows the shopify app

Cost Reduction. With Shopify, the shipping costs are much lower. Some stores even offer free international shipping. This indirect change will boost the sales on your website.

this image shows shopify reduced price shipping

Why Should You Integrate ClickFunnels With Shopify?

Many stores do well only with ClickFunnels. However, when adding hundreds of products, the site quickly becomes complex and confusing. When customers cannot find what they want, it creates choice paralysis, and they won't buy anything.

That's why upsells and cross-sells in ClickFunnels are ineffective without Shopify.

Selling without ClickFunnels is neither the solution. You can create a fully-fledged e-commerce business with Shopify and still make zero profits. Having a store is not enough to bring clients, especially when new sellers come up every day.

If you use both platforms, you'll have a competitive advantage. It takes little time to integrate Shopify, and it can quickly impact your sales.

For ClickFunnels users, it doesn't limit only to Shopify. You can use nearly any business app and connect it to your sales funnels. The more features your store has, the more you can sell.

For clients, the only priority in web design is the Ease Of Navigation. 20% of your integrations drive 80% of your results. For e-commerce entrepreneurs, Shopify is one of them.

It is also important to note that both programs have a free trial period of 14 days, so if you want to try them out together, you will have two full weeks to play around with both programs and see how they work for you.

If you are interested in purchasing ClickFunnels, I have put together a unique bonus package that will help you get started, and to begin making money using the platform.

Clickfunnels Bonus #1 Free Mentorship Program

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Clickfunnels bonus #2 Free Share Funnel

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Clickfunnels Bonus #4 Free Affiliate Minicourse

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