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ClickFunnels - 3 Best Converting Products

clickfunnels 3 best converting products

Have you been wanting to start a business using clickfunnels but don't know what to sell?

Or do you just need a catch up on what is trending right now?

Well, for those new to Clickfunnels, let me just start out by telling you what it is and how it works.

Clickfunnels is the worlds most complete funnel building software, designed to help you sell products and collect leads.

It is extremely simple to use, and even newbies will find that they can build converting funnels in under 5 minutes (That's not an exaggeration, it really is that easy!)

Clickfunnels is an elite tool that is guaranteed to be of great assistance regardless of the product that you are trying to sell. With that being said however, there are some products that do better than others.

In this article, I am going to give you the three types of products that I have found sell best on Clickfunnels

These products are:

1. Affiliate products

2. small business products + services

3. Information products/software

*I wanted to include another category which includes pretty much all physical products, but this is very broad, so I am just going to add it in as a bonus 4th product at the end of the list.

Product 1. Affiliate Products

this image shows affiliate marketing

I am just going to go ahead and say it.

Clickfunnels is the best affiliate marketing tool in existence.

Not only can you create great custom landing pages for potential customers that you are trying to send through to your affiliate products, but you can collect emails, create lists, and communicate with people on your lists all within the Clickfunnels interface.

As a matter of fact, if you are anything like me, (And since you are still reading this article, I am going to assume that you are) Clickfunnels has the ability to completely revolutionize the way that you look at affiliate marketing.

You can literally execute an entire affiliate campaign start to finish on the clickfunnels platform without ever purchasing another piece of software.

And best of all, you can do so while building your own brand, and branded email list to make sure that your customers come back time and again to keep purchasing offers from you.

As a matter of fact, when I first started to use Clickfunnels to create my own email marketing campaigns, I saw over a 50% increase in profits in just the first 2 months!

On a side note, if you would like to try out affiliate marketing, but don't know how, or want some instruction on how to do so, you can check out my affiliate course here. It will teach you how to build a simple affiliate campaign as well as how to use Clickfunnels as an affiliate.

Product 2. Small Business Products, or Services.

this image shows clickfunnels small business

For all you small business owners out there, Clickfunnels can be a valuable asset in helping you to attract customers and build a strong online presence.

Just as with affiliates, you can use Clickfunnels to collect emails, build your website, and retarget existing customers.

Imagine if you had collected the emails from everyone that has purchased from you over the last 5 years...

Do you know how many more repeat customers you would have.

There is a reason all the big brand stores like BestBuy, Home Depot, and Walmart do it...

Because it works!

Product 3. Informational/online products

this image shows clickfunnels informational products

If you have any informational products, or softwares that you would like to sell, then look no further than Clickfunnels.

Their all in one service provides the perfect place to advertise, sell, host, and build a brand around your product.

This is why you see so many well known products, and huge launches for new products use Clickfunnels as their primary sales software.

As a matter of fact, when Clickfunnels launches new software or trainings, they use their own software to sell their products.

And we are talking about Russell Brunson doing that marketing, so you know it has to be good.

Perhaps the best feature of Clickfunnels if you are a software curator is the ability it gives you to upsell your customers.

This means that you can market other content designed around your primary product that will help you raise your profit margins drastically and highly increase ROAS (return on ad spend)

(*Bonus) Product 4. Ecommerce

this image shows ecommerce

Ecommerce is generally a relatively undefined term used to classify pretty much any physical product that is being sold online

The main type of products sold on clickfunnels would be the type that you see in 1 product specialized shopify stores. That would be something like a portable air conditioner, or a tackle box.

Clickfunnels however, has the advantage over shopify because it allows you to create funnels and websites that integrate 1 click upsells meaning that you can upsell customers who are intent on buying your main product with other products that are related to the main piece of merchandise.

You can also collect emails, and build lists with out having to employ a third party software.

Clickfunnels Product Verdict

So you have decided that you want to sell one of these products on Clickfunnels?

Well good, because for a limited time, I am offering a unique premium set of bonuses that will get you started earning money on Clickfunnels


Bonus #1 Free Clickfunnels Mentorship

this product shows my free coaching

For a limited time, I am offering everyone who signs up to Clikfunnels free email mentorship for the duration of your time on Clickfunnels. You can email me anytime and I will respond ASAP with any recommendations or help that you may need.

Bonus #2. Funnel Suite

this photo shows the free clickfunnels funnel suite

When you sign up using this link, you get full access to the Clickfunnels funnel suite complete with hundreds of free funnels in every possible category. These funnels were built by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, and of course, the legend himself, Russell Brunson.

Bonus #3 High Converting Lead Capture Funnel

this image shows clickfunnels free funnel

Want to start capturing leads today? Get started in minutes with this lead capture funnel that has been proven to get over 60% conversions on lead-gen offers

Bonus #4 Free Affiliate Course

this image shows my free affiliate course

Looking to get started affiliate marketing? Look no farther than this simple, easy to follow course that will help you build an affiliate campaign in under an hour!

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