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Beginner's Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Make money while you sleep. Generate passive income from your laptop. Live on your own rules.

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You have heard of all of them when starting a business. The final goal of an entrepreneur is financial freedom. But how do you get there?

When will you live your dream life?

Not all business models are the same! Some of them are better for beginners, but others aren't. Make the right choice, and you will save you years of work.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Everybody has been a beginner in business. You come in with zero knowledge, skills, and awareness. What's the first thing you should do?

You've also heard that entrepreneurship is not easy. 90% of new businesses fail every year. Some models require money and training to get started.

Don't worry. You don't need to pay a coach to show you the steps. You barely need to invest anything. You don't even need a product!

Affiliate marketing is the no.1 model for beginners for three reasons.

#1 Free to start.

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Unlike real businesses, you don't need to pay upfront costs. The moment you create an affiliate account, you have started your business! It takes a few minutes to get started.

By free, we mean there are no essential expenses. Anything extra you want to invest will make your success chance higher.

#2 You learn skills.

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Think about it. What's the chance a brand-new entrepreneur builds a six-figure business? Although it's possible, it may take you a long time without the right principles.

We like affiliate marketing because marketers can learn how a business works. The best affiliates understand the product and develop their skills: marketing, sales, advertising.

Even better, these skills will help you forever. You may change to another program or start your own business later. They'll still be valuable.

#3 There is no risk.

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Remember, most businesses fail because of a lack of funding or market need. If you join someone else's business, you don't face such risks. You don't study the market, create the product, or build the brand reputation.

You earn decent passive income selling other's products. The only risk is control. The business owner may change his affiliate program or close the business. It happens less than 1% of the time.

Remember, affiliate marketing is for beginners unless you have a ridiculous follower list. No matter how good you are at it, the owner always makes the most money. Probably 10X more than you, without doing anything.

Once you dominate this model, think of bigger opportunities. Let's see how you can crush it in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Done The Hard Way

Yes, affiliate marketing is easy to start. Millions of affiliates agree. Of course, thousands of them sell the same product you will.

And no, most affiliates don't make money. While 90% never make over $1K per month, there's a minority making beyond five figures. If you learn their strategy, you can make it too. The secret is on marketing, not what you offer.

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Since there are many affiliates, the least you'll have to do is to work. If you put more hours and share the offer more than anyone else, you'll have an edge.

We don't like to start with the hard-work advice, but it's the most misunderstood concept when making money online. Passive income isn't passive at first. It takes time and effort to make it profitable.

1st Affiliate Marketing Tip: Create A High-Converting Offer

this image shows creating a high converting offer

There's no use in sharing your affiliate offer everywhere if no-one is interested, right? Once you find the right product to promote, use ClickFunnels to skyrocket your conversions.

When people click your affiliate link, how many of them will buy? It depends on your marketing strategy and traffic.

Beginners think they need to convince others to buy the service. They think they have to find new customers. The reality is, programs like ClickFunnels already have clients coming every day.

You just need to place your offer in front of them. If they're going to buy anyway, why not do it through your affiliate link?

ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop builder that marketers use to sell their products. They also include an affiliate program.

Ask yourself: how would you promote this offer differently. The brand lends you the product and the traffic. You just need the marketing channel.

ClickFunnels affiliates have the client, the offer, AND the channel. Because it's a funnel builder, marketers can use ClickFunnels to promote ClickFunnels and other programs.

No, you don't need to do anything complex when building a funnel. The software includes a selection of high-converting templates ready for you to use. You can rest assured you are using a funnel that sells.

All you need is a one-page website that engages visitors. ClickFunnels gets the job done in less than ten minutes. Once you have your offer ready, you can start sharing it.

2nd Tip: Inbound Marketing Tactics

Imagine someone knocked at your door. It's a salesman and wants to convince you to get their product. What's your reaction?

In general, people hate intrusive marketing. Even if you love the product, you don't want others to sell you.

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Inbound marketing is different. It will make you get less traffic at first but will multiply your conversions. Inbound is all the strategies we use to influence others.

You see them all the time: social media marketing, content creation, email sequences, opt-in pages. It guarantees that only people interested in your offer will see it.

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You don't have to do all these tactics at once. Inbound marketing is simple: give value before you ask for a sale. If you aren't getting affiliate sales, use this solution.

3rd Tip: Test Affiliate Offers

You will learn far more by doing it yourself and seeing how successful do it. After you create our affiliate campaign, we encourage you to try other people's sales pitches.

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Find what affiliates make the most profits. Enter their funnel only to learn what they're doing right. You can steal some ideas from them to boost your campaign.

The Bottom Line

Despite how many beginners join every day, affiliate marketing is the best opportunity to make money online.

Sadly, most people never overcome the initial barrier. It can be tough to get your first clients unless you use ClickFunnels. But if you do everything right for long enough, affiliate success will be a reality.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and get three affiliate sales before breakfast. This model makes money without you having to work. If you have enough determination, start with ClickFunnels today.

If you are interested in trying out affiliate marketing, and using Clickfunnels for yourself, we have put together a bonus package to go along with the free Clickfunnels trial to help you start your own business today!

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Start your business off on the right foot with Clickfunnels free mentorship. You will get full access to a Clickufnnels expert to help you with any of your marketing needs.

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Want to know how to get started affiliate marketing? Take our free affiliate minicourse and learn how to advertise clickbank offers in under an hour!

Clickfunnels Bonus #4 Free Funnel Suite

Get access to one of the largest suites of free funnels available anywhere online with Clickfunnels' very own free funnel suite. Here you will find funnels created and used by Russel Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone.

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