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Affiliate Marketing Is Dead! (And five reasons why it isnt)

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

So you are looking to get into affiliate marketing in 2020…

You have done some research, maybe found a couple of decent offers.

Maybe you have even run some ads, and made little or no return on your investment..

So you start listening to the not so silent minority….

Too many marketers, marketing is too saturated, there are no long term offers!

Some even say that there are not enough marketing jobs left.

These are just a few of the things you may have heard.

And maybe you have even started to listen.

So is affiliate marketing dead?

Well, the simplest and most truthful answer is: NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!

And before you lose interest, and start trying to find something else to do, or quit trying to create an online business altogether, let me explain exactly why these naysayers are wrong, and why affiliate marketing is still very much alive!

The majority of naysayers on affiliate marketing fall into two categories:

Category one are those who try something for a short period of time and then move onto something else (We call these people chickens because they suffer from tiny object syndrome and seem to be perpetually in search of the newest greatest offers without ever dedicating themselves to one somple thing)

Category two, who are a much smaller minority tend to be individuals who try to raise a fuss in marketing for their own course who are prepared to say just about anything in order to sell their “Latest Greatest” course by putting all other methods of making money down.

Now why is affiliate marketing not dead in 2020?

Three reasons:

Firstly, market diversity (Availability of affiliate networks)

I want you to think of all the different types of product available on amazon (The largest known affiliate network) alone. That’s close to 400 million different products.

And each of these products can be sold using the affiliate method.

And amazon products make for less than 10 percent of all products sold by affiliate networks each year…

Are you getting the picture yet?

There are simply too many products available to be sold for product availability to ever end.

Secondly, there are simply too many marketing venues to sell products on with too many possible customers for the market to ever run dry.

Facebook alone has over 1.58 billion separate daily active users.

That’s enough people to sell a few fishing poles, or windshield scrapers to, don’t you think?

Thirdly, with each passing year, a larger and larger percentage of total worldwide commerce is done online

This means that with every passing day, more and more products are being sold, and more and more affiliate marketing jobs with more and more affiliate networks will open up for people to start selling them.

No, the real problem with affiliate marketing for most people lies simply in that they don’t know how to do it correctly…

Just a few simple mistakes can cause a great marketing campaign to turn sour.

Which is why I have created a 100% free course that will show you step by step how to build a great affiliate marketing tunnel…

And it works with any affiliate network...

No sending you through to a webinar or sales page that will sell you my “real course”

Just a simple step by step guide showing you how to start marketing the right way…

You can find that course here.

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