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4 Ways To Get Clients For Your Medical Business

How can you grow your medical business? Combine your brilliant service with the perfect marketing platform: ClickFunnels.

Business owners spend years growing their medical businesses. Despite their high-quality service, you don't get as many clients as they should. Who wants to make big efforts to get such results?

Perhaps business owners overlook the importance of marketing. It's almost second nature to assume that clients will come because of demand. However, high demand doesn't guarantee sales. Unless you expose your brand, clients won't be able to find you. Wouldn't it be unfair for them?

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Showing up on the Internet is not enough either. Clients make their first impression based on your relevance, web design, and social proof. Some medical entrepreneurs do know how to get clients. But they fear that they will reduce service quality if they focus on marketing. And that's true.

Now, what if you automated a sales funnel? Wouldn't it be smart to automate sales so you can focus on your expertise? That's possible, and it's easier to execute than you think. ClickFunnels has built multiple six and seven-figure medical businesses. With a funnel builder, you can get more clients AND have more time.

Here's how you can adapt ClickFunnels to the four best ways to get clients.

#1 Client Referrals

If something is good, they'll talk about it. This effect is especially true in medical niches. The advantage of referrals is that others don't need to trust you to become clients. They only have to trust the ones who refer to your company.

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Medical businesses have got clients with this method for years. Since it works so well, why not make it better?

ClickFunnels offers us multiple sales tools. You can create memberships, upsells, cross-sells, and your own affiliate program.

You are right. The medical market has a high demand. The question is, who will clients choose? With affiliate programs, you incentivize your customers to get new clients. They may become habitual customers if your service exceeds their expectations.

Best of all, affiliates don't need to be your clients.

#2 Online Relevance

The affiliate program sounds perfect in theory, but how will we get people to register? You still need to get traffic somewhere.

First, people have to know you exist. When they search for medical-related topics on Google, what's the first thing they see? If it's your website, then you are relevant in that niche. They'll look at you as an authority and trust you.

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If you have a location, register in Google My Business. It helps others find your contact information, images, reviews, website, and location.

Next, create an SEO strategy. You can use ClickFunnels to drive traffic to a website.

#3 Web Design

Landing pages are the first impression customers get. More importantly, there's a reason why they visit in the first place.

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When you design with ClickFunnels, make sure that's easy to navigate. We want to show others the big idea, not overwhelm them with information.

A client would only visit the website to find the location, phone number, and know when it's open. Stick to the search intent for better results.

With ClickFunnels, you can create opt-in pages to generate leads. If you offer free value on the landing page, people will register and turn into customers eventually.

You could gift a 20-minute consultation call in exchange for their email. It could evolve into a sales call to get clients.

#4 Customize A Follow-Up Sequence

In the medical business, we use to see things in black and white. If someone calls you, he's either a buyer or a non-buyer. He or she is or isn't interested.

If you qualify your traffic well, everyone is interested. But each person has a different level of need and urgency. ClickFunnels sorts people by funnel stages to find the right answer for every moment.

this image shows clickfunnels follow up funnel

If someone rejects your offer, he may need more information. Maybe they didn't see the optional products. Or they didn't spend enough time to learn about the service.

Whatever the object is, you can automate it with ClickFunnels. Instead of discarding cold leads, you can create an email sequence to nurture them.

Some buy on the spot, but others buy months after the phone call. ClickFunnels ensures that anybody who gets back to you is ready to do business.

Closing Thoughts

The medical sector offers entrepreneurs excellent innovation opportunities. If you know how to make your proposition with ClickFunnels, you will progress faster.

These four strategies are effective alone but become more powerful when combined with inbound tactics. You can boost your marketing campaigns with social media, video testimonials, and content creation.

If you are interested in using Clickfunnels to drive traffic and clients to your business, we have put together a free bonus package to go along with the free 14 day clickfunnels trial offered when you sign up.

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