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3 Ways To Get Leads Online Fast

Free eBooks. Time-limited webinars. Exit Pop-Ups. These aren't new, and people are quite good at ignoring them. How to get leads online when you have tried everything?

There's nothing wrong with these methods. The problem is some marketers camouflage their offers on them, thinking they will still convert.

The problem is simple: marketers fail to add enough value upfront. Do you think your lead magnet is brilliant? I can show you dozens of ranked websites using the same tactics.

Good is no longer good enough. People have too many "free offers" to pick. Can you make it ten times better than your competitors?

We'll show you three ways to do it.

#1 Create Value Before The Opt-In

Although you are giving something for free, you still need to promote it and create trust. When you give away, people have many objections, especially if they met you thirty seconds ago.

Who are you?

How do I know you won't be wasting my time?

Why does your opt-in page look like everyone else's?

Will you start emailing me with unwanted promotions?

How do I know this isn't a trick to present your services?

Then, what can you do to remove these objections? Yes, it's free, but it's still intrusive. The opposite approach is inbound marketing.

What if you incite curiosity instead of boring them with pop-ups?

A person who trusts you could want to learn more about what you do. You can create that reputation if you ...

... create content to help people make better decisions.

... curate content from social media and answer their questions.

... use high-engagement formats, such as explainer videos.

... you keep the landing page simple, so others want to explore.

... you create an opt-in they can download right away, no email needed.

Not everyone follows these. Try them and see how people engage differently. They would look at you as a niche expert.

#2 Create The Perfect Opt-In Page

this image shows the perfect opt in page

When people find a lead magnet, they make specific questions. If you can prepare for them, you can win their trust.

What do I get?

Why should I care?

Why should I trust you?

Does this work for everyone?

It sounds obvious, yet many of us ignore it. If people don't understand the picture in three seconds or less, they leave. Keep a white page and add a few elements to keep it simple.

The perfect lead magnet should have less than parts: sub-headline, headline, counter-headline, video, button, and social proof. In that order.

this image shows the perfect lead magnet

The Subheadline exactly shows what they get. The headline, most importantly, explains why it's important. Use numbers and use direct language to deliver the message better.

The counter-headline looks to remove their no.1 objection. Why could they think it doesn't work? Do they need some proof? Whatever it is, address it on the counter-headline.

Also, we use videos to keep a high view time on the page. In this video, you can thank them for downloading your file. You can introduce what your first-week emails will be about and how they can help them.

Now that they know the story, they will feel more comfortable and stay on your list.

Once they click the button, they enter their email and claim their free offer. We show social proof to show that our program has worked for thousands of people.

You could fake this part don't have a big audience. The key is to show that the tool will work for them.

#3 Scale with advertising

this image shows advertising

Have you optimized your opt-ins? Do you have a working email sequence? Have you a target audience and the product to sell?

Now is the time to boost your traffic. So far, what you've learned is enough to make your first sales. What paid traffic does is multiplying a system that already works.

It will allow you to automate lead generation and focus on your clients. The better copy you use for the campaign, the more leads online you get.

Best of all, you can use the exact structure shown before. However, if you remember method one, you should create value before using the lead magnet. Even if you target your traffic well.

That's why we recommend retargeting campaigns, which are the most profitable. You display ads to the people who know about you: they visited your website, your social media, or read your content.

Combine these three and watch your email list grow overnight.

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